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Company news



01 Apr 2021

Compelling reasons to retrofit your offset press with LeoLED UV

There are many compelling reasons to retrofit a UV LED curing system to your sheetfed offset press. However, many printers have common questions to ask… is it expensive?… how does the ROI shape up?… how will it fit my press?… how long does it take to fit?… does it really save energy?… will it increase productivity?… and will it increase my margin?… the list goes on.

In this video, which first aired at Printing United’s Digital Experience on the Commercial Offset day, GEW’s Robert Rae & Jennifer Heathcote answer these questions. Additionally, a sample range of GEW customers offer their informed viewpoint, having worked directly with GEW UV LED systems in their print shops.

Watch the video on our website to get the answers.

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01 Apr 2021

RMGT announces UV LED partnership with GEW

RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT) has announced the introduction of GEW’s LeoLED system as its factory-fitted UV curing solution for new sheetfed offset machines, with immediate effect. RMGT pioneered UV LED technology and introduced the world’s first LED curing system for sheetfed printing at drupa in 2008. This original innovation started a slow revolution for the printing industry, one that is now gathering an ever-increasing pace.

In pursuit of continuous technology improvement and after many months of assessment of all major UV LED manufacturers, RMGT formally adopted the high performance GEW product as its definitive new solution.

Katsushi Hirokawa, President at RMGT, explains the decision in detail: “RMGT is committed to building relationships of trust with customers, peripheral device manufacturers and all others involved in the industry. We continually work with our partners to refine and perfect technologies, and to bring innovative new products to the world of printing. Inspired by this corporate philosophy, we have pioneered LED UV and it is our in-depth experience and knowledge of this technology that has enabled us to make a sound judgment about our future UV curing partner.”

The foundations of this new partnership were formed in 2018, following GEW’s drive into the sheetfed offset market. GEW is well known for its established, global dominance in the label and narrow web arena. The expertise gained from 30 years in this sector, and experience supporting all the major machine manufacturers, provided a strong base from which to expand into the offset business. The 2019 introduction of GEW’s compact, high performance LeoLED UV curing system, which is perfectly suited to sheetfed applications, drew attention from RMGT’s distribution network and this ultimately led to the first test installation at the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima, in early 2020. The LeoLED system was exhaustively tested on several presses, in multiple configurations and the results surpassed all existing performance criteria.

Robert Rae, Managing Director of Sales at GEW, comments: “This announcement affirms GEW as the leading supplier globally for UV LED curing systems. Our latest LeoLED system offers a very high power and is used in one form for all markets and applications. This means that it is produced in high volumes, bringing outstanding reliability at a highly competitive cost. In a sheetfed environment, GEW’s Modular Lamp Array (MLA) allows any number of lamps to be positioned and quickly moved anywhere throughout the press. This means the same LeoLED product can be used for low, medium and high-performance applications but arranged in single, double or triple MLA configuration dependent upon the application and speed requirements – always guaranteeing performance. It is this concept that appealed to RMGT, both for ultimate reliability and for the flexibility of configurations across their wide range of presses.”

Reliability was paramount for RMGT when choosing a new UV partner. GEW have built a reputation for engineering and manufacturing UV systems to exacting standards, assembling and fully testing every UV system before despatch. But, unique to GEW, an IoT remote monitoring system reports all running conditions live and for the full-service history of the system. Service support specialists can easily detect and correct out of tolerance parameters and send remote updates anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the fastest and most precise service response in the industry.

The ability to easily adapt system configurations was a key consideration for RMGT. Gary Doman, International Sales Manager for Sheetfed at GEW, explains the company’s solution: “Multiple lamps are a requirement in more complex applications and being able to move lamps around the press is a huge advantage for various processes. GEW lamps are designed with this in mind and users can easily move lamps from the delivery to any interdeck position and back again. For coatings and other more demanding applications, the ‘Modular Lamp Array’ is used and offers more power, exactly where and when it is needed.”

Robert Rae summarises the new partnership: “GEW are proud to have been selected as the new UV LED partner of RMGT. We have a long history of producing reliable, high performance products and our fast, friendly and flexible approach to business has kept customers loyal to us over many years. We sincerely hope to continue this tradition with such a prestigious, highly regarded company as RMGT and to serve their customers as our own.”

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23 Mar 2021

30-year milestone for GEW

UV curing specialists GEW are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this month. GEW was formed in March 1991 by Gillian and Malcolm Rae, with the stated objective to ‘provide the narrow web label market with compact and efficient UV curing systems.’

Today, GEW designs and manufactures mercury arc and LED UV curing systems for applications all across the printing, coating and converting industries. With headquarters in the UK and subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, the company serves an international customer base with sales, service and support available worldwide.

In the early years GEW developed UV systems for a range of label printing machines, and the success of these first models enabled the business to grow rapidly. Between 1992 and 1999 the company repeatedly relocated into larger premises and developed the product range further. GEW quickly became identified with UV curing systems on narrow web printing machines. Sales at that point were mostly direct with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accounts, based mainly in Europe.

In 1999 GEW were awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, having doubled export sales in the preceding three years. In the same year GEW established their USA subsidiary operation, GEW Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio to service the Americas. A further subsidiary office in Germany and a worldwide network of distributors and agents completes the group.

2012 saw the company’s latest move, this time to a purpose built, state-of-the-art production facility near London Gatwick in West Sussex, UK. Founders Malcolm and Gillian Rae remain involved in running the organisation with the same enthusiasm and commitment with which they began in 1991. Adding to this strength, their son and daughter have also taken active, guiding roles within the company.

In more recent years GEW has continued to grow significantly, opening a second production factory in the UK and expanding the product line-up to include world-leading UV LED solutions. Expansion into adjacent UV application areas has also continued, with GEW now a major force in sheetfed offset, wide web converting and large scale industrial UV solutions. Even during the recent pandemic GEW has been recruiting and with the core products more reliable and in higher demand than ever, the future looks bright for the Europe’s leading UV curing provider.

Malcolm Rae comments: “The future of GEW is in many capable hands, supporting our customers and developing innovative new products to maintain our leading position in the industry. Today, GEW equipment is used on many of the world’s most advanced printing machines and our products are highly regarded for their standard of engineering, reliability and performance.” He concludes:  “Our fast, friendly and flexible approach has kept customers loyal to us over many years. As testimony to this, our first-ever customer is still buying from us today.”

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23 Mar 2021

GEW appoints new distributor for Italy

With immediate effect, UV curing systems manufacturer GEW will be fully represented for Sales and Service in Italy by Fornietic srl. GEW’s existing service partner for Italy, Spark Solutions, will support Fornietic and continue to provide the same high standard of field technical support as before. However, all customer relations will be managed through Fornietic srl, as the sole point of customer contact for Italy.

Established in Milan in 1979, Fornietic has since built a strong reputation in the printing industry. Following a strategic move to diversify its range back in 2004, the company now represents many major brands including Kocher+Beck, Herma, Tesa, Durst, Cheshire and Polywest. The Fornietic group is made up of four companies: Fornietic, Flexolution, Fleximpianti and Lirmaprint. Employing over 40 people in two sites at Cornaredo and Piemonte, the vast majority of its staff are dedicated to technical support and customer service.

Mario Marchi, Sales Director at Fornietic, defines the company’s unique status in the market: “We are the only Italian company able to supply almost every product that the printing industry needs. We range from flexible dies to self-adhesive materials, from anilox rolls to flexo and magnesium plates, from printing sleeves to flexo tapes, all with the best technical assistance… and now, of course, we can offer our customers the best LED and UV curing technology available.”

Fornietic will stock a comprehensive range of GEW spare parts, for rapid delivery across the country. A team of four Field Service Technicians, led by Leonardo Roberti and ex-GEW Engineer Marco Nardo of Spark Solutions, will be dedicated to providing a faster and more comprehensive support package to customers. At the same time Franco Pagano, GEW’s highly experienced and well regarded sales manager for the region, will continue to support sales activities and will be regularly travelling to visit customers across Italy. Mario Marchi highlights the new formation: “From now on GEW customers can expect more engagement, faster support, and a large expansion of UV expertise that is readily available on their doorstep.”

In Italy, GEW is already well-known and Fornietic has a solid reputation built over the past 40 years. Fornietic’s Managing Director, Christian Colombo, comments: “We are well aware that the GEW name is renowned for quality and reliability. For us, starting to work with GEW means, more than any other word, responsibility. We are aware of the exceptional work that has been done to make GEW the world leader of the market, and we are proud to have the opportunity to make GEW the undisputed leader of UV and LED technology in Italy.”  He adds: “By coming together with GEW, we will bring significant benefits to our customers. They will have the most responsive and fastest support, skilled technicians and a team that is very focused on customer needs.”

Robert Rae, Managing Director of Sales at GEW, comments: “We are very excited to begin working with Mario, Christian and the team at Fornietic, who are renowned for their professionalism, technical expertise and strong customer service. From the first meeting it was clear that we shared a fast and flexible approach to business, with open and honest communication. GEW have a good reputation and strong customer base in Italy but required a more dynamic and professional partner in this competitive market. We are very confident Fornietic fit that mould and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Rae concludes: “We will strengthen our existing customer base and lead the transition of the web market to LED whilst also venturing into newer markets such as sheetfed offset and specialist industrial printing applications.”

The team at Fornietic are at your service, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact details for Fornietic:

Mario Marchi, Sales Director | E:

Leonardo Roberti, Sales & Service, UV | E:

Fornietic s.r.l, Via Merendi, 42 – Cornaredo (MI), Italia.

T: +39.02.93568318 | W:

Contact details for GEW:

Franco Pagano, Manager, Southern Europe | E:

GEW (EC) Limited, Crompton Way, Crawley, RH10 9QR, United Kingdom.

T: +44 (0)1737 824 500 | W:

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10 Mar 2021

Compelling reasons to upgrade your press with LeoLED

There are many compelling reasons to upgrade a press with UV LED. In this latest video, GEW’s Managing Director of Sales, Robert Rae, and President of GEW Inc, Brian Wenger, discuss the benefits of using LED UV curing technology in label and web printing.

The predominant UV curing technology used in flexographic label and web printing has been based upon mercury arc systems for many years. However, the adoption of LED technology is quickly gathering pace and the cost of switching to LED has greatly reduced in recent years.

This is particularly true of GEW systems, partly due to the introduction in 2019 of GEW’s highly economical LeoLED® system. Another key factor is GEW’s interchangeable, cassette-based ArcLED hybrid platform, which enables cassettes to be changed from arc to LED and vice versa, in under a minute. This enables a printer to operate both technologies in any combination on the same press, to suit the individual job at hand.

Moreover, any printer using the ArcLED platform with a GEW RHINO power supply can simply upgrade to LED by interchanging cassettes and adding a chiller unit for the water-cooled LED lampheads. This represents the most affordable route to LED printing available to label and web printers, anywhere in the market.

The video also includes many compelling insights from printers who work with GEW arc and LED curing systems, on a wide variety of presses. Watch it on our site now at

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01 Feb 2021

GEW introduces Excimer UV mattifying system

GEW has announced the launch of its EXC Excimer UV lamp system. EXC utilises dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) lamps to produce quasi-monochromatic vacuum ultraviolet radiation, typically at 172nm. This radiation is commonly used for mattification of surface coatings where the elimination of matting agents can significantly improve stain resistance and durability of the final product. Gloss levels down to 2 GU can easily be achieved and the extremely high efficiency lamps only require 5W/cm input power. Instant on/off switching enables customers to switch between high gloss (80 GU or higher) and matt finish products in seconds.

Other applications include modification of surface tension for improved adhesion, or surface cleaning for semiconductor and medical industries.

Robert Rae, Managing Director of Sales at GEW, adds detail: “GEW Excimer lamps can be produced in widths from 12cm up to 230cm and at up to 30mW/cm2 peak irradiance, the GEW system is one of the most powerful systems available worldwide. 222nm and 308nm variants are available and lamps can be custom integrated to the customer’s specific application, including provision for all required nitrogen inerting and control. They can also be seamlessly integrated into the wider GEW UV systems which may be required for pre-gelling and post-cure, so that GEW can provide a turnkey curing or cleaning solution for any process.”

Rae continues: “Excimer technology for mattification eliminates the need for coatings to have additive mattifying agents. These agents, often mixed on site, can introduce significant variability and time to the coating process, which is completely eliminated with Excimer. In addition, the finished product is susceptible to “polishing” during further processing and often has poor physical and chemical durability. Again Excimer coatings, with their 100% solid content, increase hardness, stain resistance and give preferable haptics (soft touch). Further, pre-gelling the coatings with a UV LED lamp prior to Excimer exposure allows for some control over the granularity and gloss level of the result, which gives additional process consistency and flexibility.” Excimer technology for mattification eliminates the need for coatings to have additive mattifying agents.

It is imperative to use nitrogen inerting with mattifying Excimer systems to ensure homogenous irradiance and prevent the generation of excess ozone. GEW has a long history of producing reliable and efficient inert gas curing chambers for a wide variety of large-scale industrial applications, and GEW’s latest generation of inerting systems have been precisely developed to allow easy access for webbing up and maintenance. Controlled and monitored through GEW’s touchscreen control, customers can rest assured of a rugged, wellengineered solution.

The new Excimer lamphead is built to GEW’s usual exacting standards, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, for robust performance and reliability. GEW’s experienced installation engineers also ensure rigorous adherence to international safety standards, wherever in the world the installation takes place. Furthermore, GEW deliver a complete integrated UV curing system including the lampheads, cooling equipment, power supply and user control systems resulting in the most reliable, cost-effective UV solution available and supported worldwide.

For more information on Excimer, visit:

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