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Toyobo Co., Ltd.

2-2-8, Dojima-Hama Kita-ku, 530-8230 Osaka

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Plate Making Process of ToyoboThis video shows what the plate making process is for Toyobo Water Washable plates and the advantages as described by one of our customers.


Yuki Kitani

Chief Sales Engineer | Europe | Africa|

+81 6 6348 3064


Masaou Matsuda

Sales Manager | Latin America |

+81 6 6348 3064


Yasuyuki Okazaki

Team leader | North America |

+81 6 6348 3064


Tomonori Hiramatsu

Chief Sales Engineer | China |

+81 6 6348 3064


Kazuo Takahashi

Team leader | China |

+81 6 6348 3064


Atsuko Yoshioka

Chief Sales Engineer | East Asia | South Asia |

+81 6 6348 3064


Kosuke Uehara

Chief Sales Engineer | West Asia | Middle East |

+81 6 6348 3064


Shoya Kawasaki

Chief Sales Engineer | Europe | Turkey | Australia

+81 6 6348 3064


Yuya Yamaguchi

Head Sales & Marketing
Packaging Dept

kodai Kawamura

| Domestic Japan |

+81 6 6348 3058


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.015  Printing films

Printing films

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.030  Foils, polyester (PET)

Foils, polyester (PET)

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.035  Foils, polyethylene (PE)

Foils, polyethylene (PE)

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.040  Foils, polypropylene (PP)

Foils, polypropylene (PP)

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  • 05.07.060  Photographic materials
  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.015  Formes for letterpress printing

Formes for letterpress printing

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.030  Formes for flexographic printing

Formes for flexographic printing

Our products

Product category: Photographic materials

Cosmolight® CTP Water Washable Plate

Toyobo Cosmolight® are revolutionary water washable CTP flexo plates that are durable to water-based ink, solvent-based ink, and UV-ink. Toyobo Cosmolight® water washable CTP flexo plates can be used in all CTP imaging devices.

Cosmolight® water washable CTP flexo plates have a black layer mask as well as an oxygen-inhibition layer integrated into the plate, sealing the plate automatically for any oxygen-inhibition effects. The result is an extremely high-quality print due to a flat-top dot, small dot gain, and high ink transfer. Toyobo Cosmolight® CTP flexo plates are certified by Esko for FullHD. Cosmolight® QS and QZ will outperform thermal plates and can compete with solvent-based plates on the market.

Key advantages

1. Lowest dot-gain and higher reproduction capability
       Higher and clearer and reproduction of screen dots and letters.
2. Solven-free in the plate making process; toxic-free operator
       This revolutionary plate eliminates the need to use toxic, environmentally damaging washout solvents, and allows processing by "Water".
3. High reduction in the total cost
       Consistent plate quality due to unnecessary to make a film-negative. Reduction in the personnel cost.
4. Improvement in productivity
       Shorter plate-making time due to the simplification.

Main applications Cosmolight® CTP Water Washable Printing Plates
  • Paper board printing
  • Flexible packaging
  • Label Printing
  • Barcodes
  • Shrink sleeves

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Product category: Formes for letterpress printing

Printight® - Photo-sensitive Printing Plate

We have been leading in letterpress printing by being the pioneer of water-wash photo-sensitive printing plate Printight®.
The main range of applications and characteristics of Toyobo Printight® are:

  • Label
  • Can/Plastic Cup (Dry offset printing)
  • Tube
  • Pad Printing

Advantages of Printight®
1. Washout with water
 Toyobo Printight® makes it possible to use ordinary water for washout.

2. Transparent and flexible plate
The transparent polyester film as a support material gives excellent dimensional stability and easy processability to printing machines. Steel base plates are also available.

3. Slip coat
 The plate has a slip coat which makes it possible to achieve good contact between the plate and the negative film. Plain negative film can be used for this.


Spectral sensitivity
Thickness tolerance
±0.010mm(Film base)
±0.015mm(Metal base)
Resolving capability
150–200 lines/inch
Minimum dot image
0.10mm in diameter (0.004")
Minimum line image
0.03mm in width (0.0011")

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Product category: Formes for flexographic printing

Cosmolight CTP QZ

Building on many years of experience, water washable flexo printing plate Cosmolight® QZ is our latest development. Water washable flexo printing plate Cosmolight® has been developed for the label and wide-web flexo printers which demand the highest possible quality. Being able to outperform high-end solvent plates on print quality and durability, while at the same time reducing processing times, required equipment, and operating cost.

Advantages Cosmolight® QZ Water Washable Printing Plates
  1. Flat top dot
  2. Unmatched ink transfer
  3. Small dot gain providing (near) 1:1 reproduction
  4. Very stable small halftones even during long-run printing
  5. Non-tacky
  6. Long-lasting

Main applications Cosmolight® QZ Water Washable Printing Plates
  • Paper board printing
  • Flexible packaging
  • Label Printing
  • Barcodes
  • Shrink sleeves

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About us

Company portrait

Pioneer of water-washable plates
Toyobo as the pioneer of water wash plates started to sell Printight® plates for letterpress printing in 1977. Printight® has the best reproduction, sharp and fine lines, extreme accuracy of plate thickness, and resistance of printing. In 1992, we started to sell Cosmolight® plates as the world's first water plate for flexo-printing which is also durable to water-based ink, as well as solvent-based, and UV-inks. We have been leading letterpress printing as the pioneer of water-wash photo-sensitive nylon printing plates.

Superfine printing CTP (computer to plate)
Toyobo CTP products are the first water-wash CTP plates in the world. CTP technology enables digital images to be depicted through an IR laser head directly from the computer to our unique mask layer. So, they are solvent-free in the plate-making process, toxic-free for the operator.

Total product network; from R&D to production and distribution
The total product network has been globally developed as Toyobo's unique network. This network can cover the establishment of information collection and marketing research structures that are indispensable for advanced new product development. In addition, this network can develop an efficient production system from R&D to production in order to respond to customers' needs.

To respond to higher and wider needs and to the requirements from the customers on the photopolymer technique, Toyobo is always executing fundamental researches, analyses, pilot productions, and production tests.

Production and quality control
For the production of the photopolymer materials in quality, it requires cleanroom under no dust and fixed control of temperature and humidity. Toyobo is affecting such quality control from the choice of raw materials to the final products. Toyobo is obtaining customers' trust and approval based on keeping a stable supply and quality.

Company data

Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1882