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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Drottning Kristinas vag 61, 11486 Stockholm
Telephone +46 10 5155000


Ph.D. Sofia Thorman

Senior Research Associate, Printing

+46 10 228 45 21


Associate Professor Li Yang

Senior Project Manager, Printing, Optics, 3D-printing

+46 10 228 45 22


Andreas Gabrielsson

Director Packaging Materials, Paper mechanics

+46 10 228 45 14


Hans Christiansson

Application Engineer, Image analysis, software development

+46 10 228 46 21


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21 Apr 2021


15:00 - 17:00

Bridging Industry, Education and Research in Graphic Communication, Print and Media

This symposium will be held in the Drupa conference area. For details see

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22 Apr 2021


12:30 - 13:10

Print Your Future - World Print Campus

This event will be held in the Drupa conference area. For details see:

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  future technologies
  • 04.05  3D-print
  • 04.05.060  Materials for 3D-print
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.13  Certification, testing and standardization

Our products

Product category: Research and development

Predict and measure print quality

Print quality is predictable. To achieve this, one must equip with right tools that measure the relevant materials properties. Through the years, we have developed unique expertise, knowledge and tools, on printability. This includes topography, absorption, compressibility and optics of the substrates and printing dynamics, applicable to conventional and digital printing techniques on board and corrugated materials.
Example of important aspects of print quality:  Mottling, dot and line quality, stripiness, uncovered areas.

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Product category: Research and development

Measure surface roughness to predict print quality using OptiTopo

The unique OptiTopo technique used for print prediction quickly reveals the correlation between paper surface and print defects such as uncovered area or missing dots. You can use it in your own lab

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Product category: Research and development

Measure mottle

The easy to use and well-known STFI-Mottling Expert software is today used all over the world in the paper and paperboard industry to quantify the mottle on printed products as well as white-top mottle on unprinted paperboard.
You can buy it and use it in your own lab together with a desktop scanner.

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Product category: Research and development

Paper mechanics

The mechanical properties of paper materials are of great importance for their function during converting and use of the final products. More effective production, less waste, and optimal material use require good mechanical properties.

Within paper mechanics, we aim at identifying the relevant properties of paper materials, developing test methods to quantify these properties, and predict their effects in different applications. We combine our expertise in material mechanics and structural mechanics with knowledge on processes and products that are specific for paper materials and products to investigate and propose solutions to problems in the paper and packaging industry. We work mainly with packaging materials, like paperboard and corrugated board, where the mechanical properties are crucial for the functionality.

Beyond standard measurements like tensile testing and SCT, we offer testing with methods that we have developed or improved. The following are some examples:
  • Tensile and compression testing in the thickness direction of the paper or paperboard
  • Measurements of transversal shear
  • Determination of shear strength profiles through the thickness of paperboard
  • Measurements of cohesive fracture properties
  • Creep testing in tension and compression
  • Hygroexpansion measurements using a method that does not add load to the test specimen

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Product category: Research and development

Research educations

We have strong commitments in research educations in form of PhD and Master-thesis projects. In present, we have two PhD projects in Printing Dynamics and Paper Mechanics respectively and two Master thesis projects in these fields:

Printing dynamics
PhD project: Printing dynamics of flexography – forced ink absorption
Master thesis project: Visualisation of flexographic printing processes

Paper Mechanics
D project: On the relation between paperboard properties and packaging performance
Master thesis project: Effect of embossing geometry on the mechanical performance of low density paper

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Product category: Certification, testing and standardization

Optical reference standards (IR3)

Optical reference standards - why? To keep your equipment properly calibrated in order to get reliable measurement results. This applies to both optical properties of fluorescent and non-fluorescent pulp and paper products as well as other materials.

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Product category: Certification, testing and standardization

Product Safety analyses of food contact materials

By using our advanced analysis equipment, we can produce proof that your material meets the requirements of Food Contact Material regulations. We offer counseling, a wide range of analyses, e.g. migration to food simulants, analytical packages for paper and board, microbiological analyses, set off/printing inks and mineral oils, as well as customized analyses and certification of paper and board.

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Product category: Materials for 3D-print

3D printing with forest-based composite

3D printing with forest-based composite

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About us

Company portrait

RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute. As an innovation partner for every part of society, we help develop technologies, products, services and processes that contribute to a sustainable world and a competitive business community. We do this in collaboration with and on behalf of companies, academia and the public sector. We also have a special focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation processes.

At RISE, paper, board, ink and printing press producers can come together with converters and printers within the context of our research projects. We carry out research and development directly alongside industrial application.

Company data

Foundation 1997