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Xitron, LLC.

4750 Venture Drive, Suite 200A, 48108 Ann Arbor, MI
Telephone +1 734 9138080
Fax +1 734 9138088

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SmartDFE™The heart of a fully automated manufacturing system for labels and packaging.


Karen Crews


O: +1 734-794-1330
M: +1 734-320-0420


Bret Farrah

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Dealer Manager, Western United States & Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific & India

O: +1 734-794-1334
M: +1 517-673-0715


Eric Nelsen

Vice President, Product Development - OEM Technical Contact for Desktop, Production, & Industrial Inkjet

O: +1 734-794-1340
M: +1 734-915-3877


Bill Brunone

Director, Business Development - Digital Print Solutions including Desktop, Production, & Industrial Inkjet

O: +1 404-474-7231
M: +1 678-640-4541


Sue Wood

Dealer Manager, Europe, Middle East, Africa - Commercial Offset, Flexo, Screen Printing RIPs and Workflow

O: +44 1242 506280
M: +44 7711 379045


Pat French

Dealer Manager, Eastern United States & Canada - Commercial Offset, Flexo, Screen Printing RIPs and Workflow

O: +1 734-794-1312
M: +1 734-320-0421


Drew Nielubowicz

North America - Commercial Offset, Flexo, Screen Printing RIPs, Workflow, Upgrades, Options, & Exile Film

O: +1 734-913-8080 Ext. 1360


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Video conference

The Smart Factory needs a Smart Digital Front End

Go to the online event
Join us for a live web session on April 20th at 8:40 AM EST (US)

The role of the digital printer will be transformed as it takes its place in the smart factory of the future.

Join this session to learn about a new DFE for labels and packaging that’s designed to be the heart of a fully automated manufacturing system: smart job creation with HYBRID Stepz, management & automation with HYBRID CLOUDFLOW, a Print Controller that connects your printer to the smart factory using OPC UA, RIPping and screening using Harlequin Direct™, powerful printhead electronics, and software from Meteor Inkjet and Xitron.


Eric Worrall, VP Products and Services
Global Graphics Software

Nick de Roeck, CTO,
Global Graphics PLC and HYBRID Software

Clive Ayling, Managing Director,
Meteor Inkjet

Eric Nelsen, VP Product Development,
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.030  Workflow systems
  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.080  Screening technologies

Screening technologies

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.085  RIP systems
  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.015  Web-fed inkjet printing systems

Web-fed inkjet printing systems

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.020  Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

Our products

Product category: Web-fed inkjet printing systems, Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems


The heart of a fully automated manufacturing system for labels and packaging.

SmartDFE™ for labels and packaging applications meets the need for fully variable data, gives complete control of the print workflow, and provides valuable information for QA and inspection, press maintenance, and stock control. Co-developed by Global Graphics Software, HYBRID Software, Meteor Inkjet, and Xitron, SmartDFE™ transforms the role of the digital press in the smart print factory of the future.
SmartDFE™ is designed to be part of a fully automated manufacturing solution supporting Industry 4.0 telematics and MIS integration, plus connectivity with automated manufacturing lines via OPC UA. This powerful solution combines the creation and editing of optimized print-ready PDF files, layout, and automated Variable Data Printing (VDP) with HYBRID Stepz and CLOUDFLOW, job cost estimation, and production controls. Harlequin® Direct drives print data to the printheads at blistering speeds through Xitron’s Navigator DFE platform, or Meteor software and electronics.

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Product category: Workflow systems

Navigator RIP and Workflow

Xitron’s Navigator Harlequin RIP is a best-in-class implementation of Global Graphic’s Harlequin RIP technology. Providing prepress environments with fast, predictable, and reliable interpretation of PostScript, PDF, and EPS format files, Navigator is the most trusted name in RIP architecture with over 35,000 installations worldwide.

Building on this successful foundation, Navigator Workflow adds cross-platform functionality and user control from any workstation on the network. Protracted scalability enhances performance while maintaining the overall low cost of ownership. Navigator is capable of driving virtually every CTP, CTF, desktop inkjet printer, and high-speed inkjet press on the market today. Plus, it's PDF 2.0 Compatible!

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Product category: Web-fed inkjet printing systems, Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

Navigator Digital Front End

Get to market fast with Xitron’s customizable, brandable, browser-based GUI that transforms our DFE into yours. Available features include:

  • Job Management
  • Color Management with ICC profiles
  • Manual color curve adjustment for quick edits
  • Brand/Spot color matching
  • Hands-free automation options through XML and JDF
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Brandable GUI
Based on the fast and accurate Harlequin Host Renderer, the Navigator DFE can prepare your jobs, help you keep track of them, position them on paper, control the color with several color management and calibration tools, and is ready to support printheads from many manufacturers.

Xitron DFEs support drive electronics from Meteor and Global Inkjet Systems and directly drive all Memjet VersaPass, DuraLink, and DuraFlex printheads, along as well as Canon Finetech heads. Custom integration with your paper handling system and API is available, or you can use our API in the background of your own system.

For the most economical DFE development available, contact Xitron at 734-913-8080 or

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Product category: Workflow systems, RIP systems

Navigator Flexo Suite

Navigator Flexo Suite is a tightly integrated collection of workflow tools designed specifically for use with today’s Flexographic Computer-to-Plate systems. It's a modular concept that allows the user to create precisely the functionality they require, based on the type of printing they do.

Navigator RIP
The first PDF 2.0 compliant RIP available, Navigator’s Harlequin pedigree sets it apart from the competition. Xitron has sold over 35,000 Navigator RIPs around the world due to its consistency, speed, and rendering accuracy. Built-in features include user-defined resolutions up to 9,600 dpi, Harlequin Precision Flexo Screening with selectable dot shapes, and the ColorPro Color Management Module.

Navigator Workflow
Intuitive, easy to configure and use, Navigator Workflow is a Client-Server based system. Clients can be installed on Mac and PC workstations throughout the shop and operators can maintain complete control of their jobs from submission to completion. Jobs are added to the workflow through drag & drop, hot folders, or direct print. As the system processes the jobs through each step, operators see the progress in real-time. The advanced, Pixel Level Preview adds another level of precision and confidence. Once completed, built-in archiving saves each job for reprint purposes.

Optional SmartFlexo Screening is a truly intelligent screening module that is completely configurable based on your printing conditions. Program your minimum dot, supporting dots, dot shapes, and alignments. Choose precisely where you want the system to change from AM to FM dots for better highlight and shadow control. Tell the system to remove pixels for better coverage in solids. You can even automate the process through selectable screening templates. SmartFlexo puts controlled precision into your prepress process.

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Product category: Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

Navigator Northstar

Navigator Northstar fixes the inconsistent color issues encountered by users of Astrojet M1 printers as well as the Colordyne 1600 (C & S), Neopost Mach 5 and Mach X, Formax Colormax 7, and Trojan series of printers, all of which use the Memjet VersaPass™ inkjet head. Northstar delivers the same functionality to users of the OKI Data 931 and 941 toner-based printers.

By combining the power of the Navigator Harlequin RIP with Xitron’s color transform technology, what you see is what you print, consistently. Whether your jobs are made up of CMYK, Pantone spot colors, or a combination of both, Northstar gives you the color control you want and the results your customers expect. Applications include envelopes, flyers, brochures, and desktop labels.

Navigator Northstar Features
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Fastest professional-grade RIP available
  • Spot Color Matching
  • Multi-platform (Mac or PC) compatible
  • Global or specific color adjustment
  • Economical – low cost of ownership
  • Network or USB connectivity
  • Graphic Merge Capability
  • Variable Data Option
Whether you are an end-user, dealer, or developer, if you're not happy with the results you're getting from your present RIP or printer driver, let us know. Xitron can help you redefine your color!

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Product category: Workflow systems, RIP systems

Variegator 2 Variable Data Creator

Variegator 2 is a simple, stand-alone application that makes variable data printing quick and profitable. Variegator 2 unlocks the power of a digital press to produce high-profit variable data print jobs such as labels, hangtags, and flyers. Sophisticated layouts and multiple variations including images, bar codes, colors, and data are easily assembled within an intuitive GUI.

  • Supports TIFF, JPG, PNG, and PDF image
  • Auto image size or scale by percentage
  • Supports overprint and knockout
  • Auto text width reduction
  • Blank line suppression
  • Auto copy fit
  • Import PDF
  • Barcode bar width reduction, bar reduction factor, wide-to-narrow ratio, bar spacing
  • Supports over 35 standard bar code styles (1D, 2D, QR)
Everything is Variable – Variegator 2 supports four variable element types: Text, Bar Code, Color, and Image. The variable data for each type can be defined in a single column, a combination of columns, or a combination of variable and static data. Also, Variegator 2 allows users to place elements on different layers and individual layers can be locked to prevent accidental editing mistakes. 

Built-in Imposition – Create imposed layouts for roll and sheet material without going to another layout application. Use the advanced step & repeat tool to specify the output sheet (or roll) size and gutters. Variegator will automatically calculate the rows and columns of the variable data records and populate the output accordingly.

Hot Folder Automation – This allows users to create a hot folder that Variegator 2 will monitor for a data file, such as a CSV. It will then output the job using a predefined template back into a hot folder. This makes running repeat jobs with new data much quicker and more automated, especially when paired with Xitron’s Navigator workflow. 

Mine Multiple Databases – Variegator 2 supports multiple databases within a single variable data document. Choose different fields using data from different databases and combine them in a single job. Variegator 2 supports all the common delimiter types as well as custom delimiters when needed. It even supports character encoding from both Mac and PC platforms.

Enhance Your QR (optional) – Set the QR code color using flat colors, gradients, or images. The color of the eye (finder pattern) can be set independently and the shape can be customized. You can even set an image to be placed in the center of the QR code.

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Company news



19 Nov 2020

Navigator Version 13

With Xitron’s release of version 13 of the Harlequin RIP comes some pretty exciting opportunities for Navigator users. The old model is still in place of course. You can upgrade your RIP and workflow at a special price and enjoy the benefits and improvements that version 13 has to offer. When the next major release comes out, you can then choose to upgrade when, and if the changes and improvements are relevant to your working environment, operating system, or other needs.

However, you can also choose to migrate to a subscription-based plan that may offer additional benefits. When moving to a subscription model, future upgrades and technical support are included. Like many other “software as subscription” packages available today, the subscription is paid monthly and can be set up to auto-pay directly from your credit card. Since the licensing system for most users is now a soft-lock (or code) instead of a physical dongle, a new license is sent electronically each month shortly after the payment arrives. Support coverage for USB interfaces can be included, which means if that if the hardware falters the user doesn’t have to pay for a new interface.
Why Choose a Software as Subscription Upgrade?
  • As with cars, your mileage may vary. However, here are a few things to think about:
  • You are always on the latest version — Since upgrades are built into the monthly subscription, you’ll never be behind.
  • Add options — You can add functionality such as Trapping or CIP3 to the license and the extra cost is way less than the purchase price.
  • Save capital —Hang on to large chunks of cash and still have new software for the prepress department.

Why Keep a Perpetual License?
  • You only upgrade every few years — If you aren’t one of those people who “has to have” the latest and greatest, a perpetual license could end up costing less.
  • You already paid for the options — If your RIP is already loaded with all the bells and whistles, you’re already entitled to them at no additional cost when you upgrade a perpetual license.
  • Save Capital — You can do the same thing with 90 days, six months, or 12 months same as cash financing through Xitron’s financing programs.

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About us

Company portrait

Xitron has been developing prepress solutions since 1977. Our mission is to engineer intuitive, productive, and affordable alternatives capable of driving output devices manufactured by the most popular vendors on the market today, including the latest high-speed inkjet systems designed for desktop, production, and industrial inkjet printing.

Harlequin RIP Workflow Development

Xitron’s engineering team introduced our first Harlequin-based software RIP in 1992. Under continuous development since, the Navigator RIP includes 64-bit architecture, native PDF interpretation, accurate transparency rendering, and customizable workflow modules. Optional features such as trapping, imposition, load balancing, and non-disruptive preview take Navigator well beyond the scope of a simple RIP.

Adobe Workflow Development

For production environments preferring the Adobe PDF Print Engine, Xitron offers Sierra; a complete prepress workflow that includes JDF integration, built-in dynamic imposition, and cross-media functionality. Built around APPE 2.6 (currently), Sierra includes PDF preflighting, advanced soft proofing, and Adobe’s proven in-RIP trapping.

Output Device Interfaces

Xitron RIPs, Workflows, and TIFF Catchers can drive hundreds of the Computer-to-Plate devices, imagesetters, proofers, digital presses, high-speed copiers, and ink jet printers on the market today. Communicating through software “plug-ins” and our innovative USB interface, Xitron makes it possible for these expensive systems to remain in production for years, often outlasting the manufacturer’s expectation and maximizing the user’s investment.

Digital Front Ends

Based on the fast and accurate Harlequin Host Renderer, the Navigator DFE helps you prepare your jobs, keep track of them, position them on press, manage the color, and is ready to support printheads from many manufacturers. If you are designing a new inkjet printing system, Xitron's DFE helps you get to market fast!

Xitron DFEs support drive electronics from Meteor and Global Inkjet Systems and directly drive all Memjet and Canon Finetech heads. All Memjet heads are supported including Northstar, Sirius, VersaPass, Aspen, Beech, DuraLink, and DuraFlex. Xitron’s DFE also supports HP’s Fixed Imager 1000 “Bar-in- Box” PageWide technology printhead.

Custom Software Development

The development team behind our industry’s largest and most well-known names belongs to Xitron. Companies such as Agfa, Ryobi, Mitsubishi, Memjet, Glunz & Jensen, Ohio Engraving, Global Graphics, Mark Andy, Astro Nova, and Neopost/Quadient rely on Xitron engineers to deliver industry-standard software that is as reliable as it is productive.