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Shanghai Wity Import & Export Co., Ltd

No. 91 Jianhao Road, Pudong NEW Area,, 200120 Shanghai
Telephone +86 577 65536666
Fax +86 577 65923928

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.350  Die-cutting machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.120  Machines for can making (paper and board)

Our products

Product category: Die-cutting machines

Aluminum Foil Lid Die Cutting Machine


This Punching machine can punch not only aluminum foil but also PE, PP, PET laminated aluminum foil. The punching mold is customized for minimizing the scrap and can be used for a long time.


l Main control Japan Mitsubishi Brand PLC and MCGS brand touch screen.  

l Traction motor Adopts 0.75kw independent motor INOVANCE frequency converter and Mitsubishi PLC link control.

l Mold driven motor With 2.2kw independent motor INOVANCE frequency converter and Mitsubishi PLC link control.

l Length control motor 2kw servo motor, Mitsubishi PLC Link control.

l Unwinding 50NM magnetic brake tension control.

l Unwinding lock Pneumatic style

l Traction With pneumatic pressing traction style

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines

Computerized High Speed Slitting Machine


This machine can used to slit cellophane, self-adhesive paper, Al foil, paper.


l Main control: PLC from Japanese Mitsubishi and man-machine interface of Beijing MCGS, with automatic stop of meter counting, automatic detection of remaining amount, automatic adjustment of linear speed;

l Wallboard: steel plate with thickness of 60mm aging treatment, selected CNC machining center for processing, to ensure the precision of the size;

l Rewinding structure: adopts cantilever type with unloading tower device, 1 set of upper and lower shaft motor pushing mechanism, equipped with 2 pieces of 3 inch tile type air shafts and 2 pieces of 6 inch ball type air differential slip shafts;

l Unloading tower device: the width of the upper and lower shafts is 1000mm, pneumatic locking, hydraulic rotation of 90 degrees, again hydraulic rotation of 90 degrees, motor rotation, manual packaging, convenient for unloading;

l Rewinding tension: adopts 2*4.4KW Yaskawa servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC are used for joint control, with pre-tension system and fully automatic taper tension control;

l Laser knife device on rewinding, equipped with 10 laser heads;

l Unwinding structure: adopts shaftless unwinding device, the material width is 350-1300mm, hydraulic lifting, with 3 inches and 6 inches mechanical clamp;

l Unwinding tension: adopts 300NM pneumatic friction brake, Japan SMC electronically controlled proportional valve and Mitsubishi PLC are used for joint control. It has a pre-tension system and automatic taper tension control;

l Main motor: 7.5KW Yaskawa servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC control;

l Web-guiding: 1 set of high-precision ultrasonic electric eye and edge correction system of Taiwan Pausource;

l Execution and locking: adopts pneumatic method;

l Traction: S-type traction roller set, rubber pressure roller, pneumatic control with hardness 60-65 degrees;

l Low-voltage electrical appliances: domestic famous brand and imported brand;

l Cutting method:

1) Swing pressure straight knife slitting system, pneumatically controlled lifting, knife slot width of 1mm, 1 grid, edge width of 1mm, 1 grid, equipped with 20 sets of movable straight knife holder, movable knife holder, removable knife holder, convenient operation;

2) mechanical air knife cutting system, equipped with 20 sets of mechanical knife holder, the lower knife shaft adopts air expansion type, which is convenient for knife adjustment.

l The rewinding pressure roller adopts surface constant pressure system and is equipped with a material receiving pressure roller, which is convenient for changing the roll;

l Equipped with a set of source static eliminator

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Product category: Machines for can making (paper and board)

Paper Tube Labeling machine


Suitable for labeling the surface of cans, tea candy, wine cans, packaging cans etc.


l This machine adopt hot-melt glue to stick paper labels (laminated or without laminated) on circular containers such as wall calendar cans, tea cans, paper tubes, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc

l Hot-melt glue can be cool rapidly, and labels can be stuck seamlessly to match can body well, can process next steps immediate.

l PLC control with feeding specification setting, imported clutch and rubber roller makes label feeding stable.

l Automatic temperature control, the glue temperature can be accurately keep the preset value, the advance heating plate double layer heat insulation design save 50% electric.

l Gluing thickness has been set before delivery of machine, its easy and accurate to adjust gluing thickness which save the hot-melt glue consumption.

l Two gluing adding function (main glue tank and side glue tank) which insure more convenient using.

l With the falling guideway, after labeling, the product can be slide down automatically.

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Product category: Die-cutting machines

Hydraulic Puzzle Die Cutting Machine

The machine uses three beam four- post double- cylinder structure, semi- automatic feeding.
Has a good guide, positioning accuracy, high precision, freely adjust the speed characteristics.
Machine microcomputer control, LCD, imported servo motor, with high- precision linear guide rail, make more stable and secure operation.
Unique templates accessible board device so that version for safer, faster.
Advanced power conversion apparatus to reduce the main motor 11kw, energy savings of about 10 degrees per hour.

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Product category: Die-cutting machines

Die Cutting and Creasing Machine


This machine is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, plastic and leather in general, applicable for printing packaging decoration and plastic industries. The machine is characterized by its compact structure, fine workmanship, high precision and easy and reliable operation, etc.


a) High strength cast frame made by top quality materials.

b) Smooth running, big pressure and low noise.

c) Single-chip electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

d) Operation altitude is rational arranged; movable platen opens to its optimum.

e) With continuous and delay functions, and the delaying range is adjustable.

f) Reliable safety protection system.

g) Centralized lubricating system.

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Product category: Die-cutting machines

Label Die Cutting Machine


It adopts micro-computer control for accurate flatten die cutting, material feeding, and sheeting, with 3 points photocells for web-guiding and tracking.

Die cutting, waste collecting and finished-material sheeting or rewinding are on one process.

The machine could be used for die cutting adhesive paper, dacron label and laser hologram label.

It is the ideal auxiliary equipment of flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and hologram mark printing machine, and the most efficient unit for printing house.


a) Servo Motors are equipped for accurate material transmission.

b) Touch Screen for convenient operation

c) Frequency Converter used for speed regulation

d) 3 pcs of Photocells are used for web guiding and print mark tracking

e) Lamination shaft, sheeter device, rewinder are equipped for multi purpose.

Optional Parts

a) Punching device;

b) Laminating device;

c) hot-stamping device

d) Inline slitting system

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines

High Speed Aluminum Film Slittng Machine

This machine can be used to slit cellophane, BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, self-adhesive paper, Al foil, paper

The unwinding system adopts LPC or EPC full automatic web-guiding system.
PLC and touch screen control
Round blade and razor blade slitting device
Guiding roller adopts imported and China best brand bearing
Rewinding pressing roller adopts constant pressing structure to ensure the stable rewinding tension
User can choose unloading shelf system according need
With cantilever type rewinding structure
Unwinder pneumatic lifting structure

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Product category: Machines for can making (paper and board)

Servo Motor Paper Tube Curling Machine

Suitable for large quantity of all kinds of packaging box production, such as joyful cans, mosquito-repellent incense boxed, food cans, etc.

Six locations to be automatic cycle of rotation, convenient operation, inside and outside edge curling;
Pneumatic automatically feed, ensure that paper pipes height accuracy.

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Product category: Die-cutting machines, Reel slitting and rewinding machines

Slitting Machine with Rotary Die-cut Station

DK320G Slitting machine with rotary die-cutting function is a new product, it is equipped with high accurate rotary die-cutting system.
This machine is suitable for blank adhesive labels. Die cutting, laminating (option) and slitting can be finished in one process.
It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stop, web guiding by photocell.
The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running, etc.

Main function list
1) Magnetic powder brake and clutch for unwinding and rewinding tension control
2) Rotary die cutting system
3) Round blade slitting system (8 sets round blades)
4) Meter counting
5) Photocell web-guiding
6) Waste removal tower
6) 76mm diameter unwinding and rewind air shaft
7) Laminating unit (option)
8) 2x40mm rewind shafts (option)

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines

Narrow Web Slitting and Rewinding Machine

It is the auxiliary equipment of label die-cutting machine, which is used for narrow reel material slitting.
It has the functions of automatic meter and number counting, automatic stopping, photocell web-guiding.
The machine gets the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running, etc.

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Product category: Machines for can making (paper and board)

Paper Tube Sealing Machine

Apply to paper covers composite cans, calendars cans, tea cans, wine cans, tin covered composite cans, cardboard box curling and edge cover.

1.Suitable for mass production of composite cans;
2.function inside curling and sealing manhole covers for scrap in one;
3.large-scale, maximum diameter 400 mm, maximum height 500 mm;
4.CNC operation, touch screen and PLC control, three kinds of production modes switch easily.

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Product category: Machines for can making (paper and board)

Paper Tube Making Machine

Suitable for all kinds of paper tube production, such as package tin, tea candy, food cans, wine cans, fireworks tube, calendar tube, fax paper core, etc.

1.Low price, strong practicability, stable performance;
2.Automatically cut, automatically fall pipe, automatically change speed and revert;
3.Computer PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation;
4.Round knife cutting, incision more smooth, performance more stable;
5.Stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife, durable in use;
6.Automatically gluing system

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Product category: Machines for can making (paper and board)

Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Apply to all kinds of high-grade paper tubes cutting, such as chemical fiber paper pipes,
OPP film pipe, tape paper tubes.

1.cutting knife computerized drive
2.circuit adopt imported PLC control, color touch screen man-machine operation.
3.Load and unload paper pipes automatically
4.Alloy tungsten steel knife, cutting effect to be very flat.

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines

Tearing Tape Slitting and Spooling Machine

WSS30 Narrow film strip slitting and spooling machine is mainly used to produce the easy pull-line for packaging boxes or bags of Food, Wine packages, Medicines, Cosmetics, Tapes, etc. It has advantages of high automation, high production efficiency and high precision.

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About us

Company portrait

We Do Converting Machines.

As a member of Wity Group in 2000, Wity Machinery Company previously initiated with manufacturing Paper Cutter, Hand-fed Die Cutter and Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine. By the second year, we started to export relevant machines to the overseas, which was rare at that time in China, and was regarded as one of the earliest China exporting companies.

By 2004, Wity Machinery successfully launched a high accuracy roll to sheet machine with automatic registering unit, which is widely used to precisely cut printed paper for Tobacco Package Industry. By now, this unique machine has become as a high-end featured product on our list.

2005 in Middle East, we launched a full production line for flexible package, from process of printing to seaming, and pouch making, which earned a cheerful reputation on the market.

2006 in Russia, a full production line for adhesive label press was introduced, and right after that, Wity Flexo Machine became a well-known local brand name, ATLAS, and shared 80% Russian market in the second year.

In 2008, paper cups full production line demonstrated in Latin America. 2016, Yogurt Lids Machine in DRUPA Germany. 2019, Paper Tube Machine in Mumbai, India. All of these are the important moments we grow up with.

By 20 years of experience, we well understand that being an equipment provider, prompt response and technical support are pivotal to our customers, to keep their equipment on good condition. Because we remember as always, Customer's Profit Matters. Your Profit Matters.