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Komori Corporation

3-11-1, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, 130-8666 Tokyo

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Komori Corporation Virtual Drupa Introduction


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Komori Corporation

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20 Apr 2021
08:40 ‐ 09:10
Komori Corporation, Connected Automation in Packaging Printing
he growing industry and popularity of convenience packaging are dominant factors in the packaging printing market. Connected Automation is Komori's vision to create the ultimate smart factory of the future. With KP-Connect Pro as the central brain that connect workflows to bring maximum productivity and automation. Driven by world-class ROI, Komori introduces the G/GX Advance series, Impremia NS40, the B1 Nanographic Printing® System and complimenting finishing solutions.

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22 Apr 2021
08:40 ‐ 09:10
Connected Automation in Commercial Printing
Connected Automation is Komori's approach to connect individual processes, creating smart printing factories. The central piece of software, KP-Connect Pro integrates and manages management information systems, prepress, press and postpress. During this live broadcast Komori will demonstrate high-speed stable operation of light stock by the Advance models, "touchless" automation technology in conjunction with postpress automation that links with the Apressia CTX132 and MBO K80.

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  • 01.03.015  Production planning and control software

Production planning and control software

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.010  Sheet-fed offset printing machines – direct imaging

Sheet-fed offset printing machines – direct imaging

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.015  Sheet-fed offset printing machines – inline foiling

Sheet-fed offset printing machines – inline foiling

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  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.020  Sheet-fed offset printing machines – short inking unit

Sheet-fed offset printing machines – short inking unit

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  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.025  Sheet-fed offset printing machines with perfecting capability

Sheet-fed offset printing machines with perfecting capability

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  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.030  Sheet-fed offset printing machines without perfecting capability

Sheet-fed offset printing machines without perfecting capability

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  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.035  Sheet-fed offset printing machines UV
  • 01  prepress / print
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  • 01.06.040  Sheet-fed offset printing machines – waterless

Sheet-fed offset printing machines – waterless

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  • 01.06  Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • 01.06.045  Continuous pile printing machines

Continuous pile printing machines

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  • 01.07.010  Commercial web offset machines for continuous printing

Commercial web offset machines for continuous printing

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  • 01.10.010  Web-fed gravure printing machines

Web-fed gravure printing machines

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  • 01.10  Gravure printing machines
  • 01.10.015  Sheet-fed gravure printing machines

Sheet-fed gravure printing machines

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  • 01.12.010  Inkjet
  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.020  Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.045  Inkjet Large format printing

Inkjet Large format printing

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.035  Printing machines for printed electronics

Printing machines for printed electronics

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  • 04.04  Industry 4.0
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Autonomous printing

  • 04  future technologies
  • 04.04  Industry 4.0
  • 04.04.035  Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.010  Printing inks for sheet-fed offset

Printing inks for sheet-fed offset

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.115  Digital inks

Digital inks

Our products

Product category: Production planning and control software

H-UV L (LED) - Innovative UV Curing System

An LED version has been added to the popular H-UV system. The H-UV L (LED) version improves printing efficiency by further reducing power consumption and enabling instant ON/OFF of the LED lamp. In addition, the long service life of the LED module reduces the maintenance load.

- High Efficiency with Komori Total Support
Komori total support helps maintain high print quality, reduction of common problems and reduced costs since all K-Supply brand consumables are supplied by Komori.
For quality control, it is essential to adjust machine conditions to meet changes in the environment and variations due to aging. Komori uses its know-how as a press manufacturer to ensure quality control by not only supplying materials but also through recommending and providing machine maintenance.

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Product category: Sheet-fed offset printing machines without perfecting capability, Sheet-fed offset printing machines with perfecting capability, Sheet-fed offset printing machines UV

LITHRONE GX/G advance Series

World Class ROI Printing Press, The Lithrone GX40 advance

Along with the recent tide of rapid changes in the social and economic environment, major changes have been sought in the printing industry. In particular, printing company management faces one of its most critical issues: to what extent can productivity in the printing process be raised.

As a means of solving this issue, the Lithrone GX40 advance presses deliver high productivity and print quality with easy operation.
Based on the Connected Automation concept, strengthened collaboration and optimization between processes as well as high-level automation with presets based on information from high-end systems are realized, thus contributing to productivity improvement throughout the entire printing process.
The Lithrone GX40 advance will be the indispensable press for printing company management in this new age.

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Product category: Sheet-fed offset printing machines with perfecting capability, Sheet-fed offset printing machines UV


Reliable double-sided one-pass printing 18,000 sph delivers high productivity and profitability

The Lithrone GX40, one of the world's most cutting-edge machine, handles both double-sided one-pass and straight multicolor printing. Now introducing the Lithrone GX40P, with a perfecting mechanism to guarantee high productivity and profitability.
The Lithrone GX40P's perfecting mechanism utilizes Komori's unique three double-size cylinder arrangement. The impression cylinder, transfer cylinder and perfecting cylinder are each double-size to avoid stress on the paper. Simplified and highly rigid, use of the new perfecting mechanism ensures high-speed, stable two-sided printing at speeds of 18,000 sph, displaying excellent heavy stock compatibility with both single- and double-sided printing.

Increase quality and productivity even further with a variety of options, such as Parallel Makeready* to drastically shorten makeready times, Autopilot*, for non-stop automation from test printing to production printing, and options such as the A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer), PDC-SX (Spectral Print Density Control - SX model) and PQA-S (inline Print Quality Assessment System (Sheet)) that makes quality and productivity improvements possible. The Lithrone GX40P reduces work load around the board, through environmentally and workplace friendly printing that saves energy and space and reduces exhaust heat.
*Parallel Makeready and Autopilot are concepts advocated by Komori.

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Product category: Sheet-fed offset printing machines with perfecting capability, Sheet-fed offset printing machines without perfecting capability, Sheet-fed offset printing machines UV


Strategic Partner for the Next Stage of Business, the new Lithrone G Series

Komori relentlessly seeks new possibilities in printing. Now the machine that conquered the world with its high performance is reborn as the Lithrone G Series. The pinnacle machine meeting complex nextgeneration printing needs. The newly developed Lithrone G series sheetfed offset presses.
Loaded with advanced functions combining outstanding technology and Komori know-how, this press offers outstanding print quality and productivity, ease of use, maintainability and environmental considerations such as power and materials saving.

Maximum printing speed of 16,500 sph with superb high-speed stability even on heavy stock. Ensuring the high print quality that is a perfect match for UV printing*, which is in increasing demand. Moreover, equipped with the latest systems and automatic devices, the press offers short makeready and reduced total lead time while flexibly meeting demand for a range of high added value printing. In mature markets, the Lithrone G Series reduces job turnaround time and paper waste and creates added value, which are directly linked to customer profit. This extraordinary value makes the Lithrone G Series the strategic partner for the next stage of business.
* UV printing: H-UV, H-UV L (LED) and UV compatible

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Product category: Continuous pile printing machines, Commercial web offset machines for continuous printing, Web-fed gravure printing machines


System Series

Web offset presses require improved short-run performances in order for printers to succeed in today’s tough economic climate and to meet the diversifying needs of their customers. Machines need to satisfy numerous comprehensive fundamentals that lead to better printed results. Consistency, accuracy and efficiency are key elements of the Komori System series.

The System series contains nothing but high-quality, high-performance web printing presses. Delivering predictable print quality at a maximum speed
and ensuring high productivity for superior performance, while saving costs and working in an environmentally friendly manner. 

An unprecedented concentration of unrivalled technologies and an unbelievable 7-minute make-ready performance leads to a high profitability and ensures web printers are fit for the future. Komori’s System – tomorrow’s printing machine today. 

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Product category: Inkjet, Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems

Impremia IS29

Quality, Reliability and Stability Advanced Digital Printing System

The Impremia IS29 will meet a wide range of printing needs and provide printers with advanced capabilities through functions that demonstrate perfectly the convenience and responsiveness of digital printing. Provides suitability with a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, including ordinary o set printing paper, instant curing, one-pass double-sided printing and immediate nishing as well as the ability to accommodate short runs of many di erent printed products with tight turnaround times.

With stable high print quality verging on o set thanks to its superior tone reproduction and register accuracy, the Impremia IS29 will succeed in not only commercial but also package printing. Easy operation enabling diverse job changes along with unheard-of productivity and e ciency make possible on-demand printing.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

Apressia CT Series

Sophisticated design combining easy operation and stringent safety standards.
Apressia CT Series: The New Cost Performance Benchmark

Komori: the worldwide leading manufacturer of o set presses and the Impremia series of next-generation digital printing systems. Now Komori takes this opportunity to introduce the exceptional Apressia series of postpress equipment.

Targeting a revolution in postpress processes, these cutters boast an exterior design that breaks the conventional image of cutting machinery and a sophisticated operation panel. Operations are clustered on this 19 inch touchpanel, making it possible for anyone to easily operate it from the day it is installed. A cutting switch that is operated by both hands and photoelectric area sensors are standard equipment for an extra margin of safety. The high speed, easy to operate Apressia CT cutters provide ample cutting width, ideal for cutting paper stock or nishing printed work. Plus, its small footprint makes it easy to incorporate into your pressroom operation.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, Autonomous printing

Apressia CTX Series

High-end cutting system Apressia CTX can be adopted to KP-Connect and CIP3/CIP4.
Better e ciency through a wide range of options and automation.

The Komori Apressia series of after-processing machines now features a new lineup of high-end cutting systems linked with increasingly automated printing processes.
In addition to the latest safety measures, the Apressia CTX o ers a wide assortment of peripheral equipment and cutting machine options to automate cutting, save labor and increase safety.

When striving for overall optimization of print production, after-processes often become bottlenecked. Apressia CTX links smoothly with Komori's KP-Connect solution cloud and is compatible with CIP3/CIP4, allowing for process and progress management through to after-processes.
Customer solutions are also available to better optimize the cutting process, including peripheral equipment such as joggers and lifters, and options such as AWR (Auto Waste Removal), automatic cutting software and fully automatic paper alignment and conveyance systems.
Additionally, a wide lineup is available including leading CTX115 and CTX132 sizes.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

MBO Series

There are many good reasons to choose for MBO Postpress Solutions. For example, the high accuracy of our folding machines, their reliability, their special ergononomics, et cetera. For every MBO customer, different aspects do prevail. As an internationally appreciated folding specialist with a comprehensive machine and service portfolio, we are able to cover individual requirements individually, too – and, with a tailor-made machine package ”MBO-style“ – make a contribution to the optimization of your folding processes.

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Product category: Web-fed gravure printing machines, Sheet-fed gravure printing machines, Cutting machines and cutting systems


A package printing/finishing machine produced by Komori Chambon in France. This press is equipped with in-line processing functions such as printing, coating, and die cutting functions. The ORS-650 has also been automated and made more energy efficient, while packaging-specific technology and know-how have been added. There is also a lineup of products that are suitable for many different printed items and short runs and can meet the diverse needs of package production such as offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing/coating.
The ORS series cassette (cylinder unit) type webfed offset printing presses are cutting-edge machines that incorporate the latest technology such as independent unit drive, remote control automatic plate register adjustment, automatic ink roller cleaning, zero-setting function, and PQC (Print Quality Controller). In addition, the OS series plate/blanket cylinder sleeve press (maximum printing speed 350m/minute) is available.

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Product category: Printing inks for sheet-fed offset


K-Supply is our consumables service, providing customers with the opportunity to order pressroom supplies at the best price. The range has been tested at our KGC-E and is optimised for use with Komori presses.

Komori has transitioned from being a press manufacturer into a complete Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP). We offer complete and comprehensive printing solutions – and everything else you might need in your press room.

We work with world-class partners to expand our growing K-Supply portfolio. All products within this range have been thoroughly tested and perfected at our KGC-E. This guarantees that all K-Supply products work perfectly on Komori presses.

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Product category: Sheet-fed offset printing machines – direct imaging

Currency Solutions

Banknoteology is the science Komori applies to the study, research and development of its banknote manufacturing processes. The discipline encompasses all the major processes currently employed across the global banknote printing industry and the systems it generates empower banknote printers with the potential to elevate their production capabilities to a new and inspirational level.

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Company news



06 Apr 2021

Komori Announces Gold Partner of virtual.drupa

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO Satoshi Mochida) ("Komori") today announced its support and participation in the virtual.drupa, taking place at on April 20-23.

drupa, the largest trade fair for the printing industry, has shifted to a new exciting online format instead of the real event because of the ongoing pandemic in 2020. Komori proudly supports the virtual.drupa as a Gold Partner, the highest ranking among printing machine manufacturers.

  • Komori Concept 『Connected Automation』
Drastic changes in the social and economic environment in recent years have demanded similar transformations in the printing industry. In particular, the degree to which productivity can be raised and profits generated has become a critical issue for printing companies. To solve this problem, innovation through DX - Digital Transformation of the entire production process is the key.

Connected Automation is Komori's approach to seamlessly connecting individual processes to create smart printing factories. The central piece of software, KP-Connect Pro integrates and manages management information systems (MIS), prepress, press, postpress, which are divided among individual systems. With more and more customers adopting Connected Automation, both in Japan and overseas, the digital transformation (DX) of printing companies is already underway.

KP-Connect Pro is an open platform system that allows customers to connect to various manufacturers and vendors. In other words, customers can freely combine not only existing but also new devices.

Experience the innovative solutions made possible by Connected Automation for creation of smart factories, at the virtual.drupa Komori booth.

  • Exhibit details
1. Conference area
In the Conference area that pre-registration required, Komori invites visitors to experience a number of our products commencing with Lithrone advance series that provide high ROI (Return on Investment) based on the automation technology that maximize productivity in the online session format. We will present the "Connected Automation" concept that we advocate through two sessions, commercial printing and package printing that brings automation to the pressroom. In particular, take notice of the core solution for the smart factory, the MES - Manufacturing Execution System "KP-Connect Pro", the world class ROI printing presses "Lithrone GX/G advance" and the 40-inch digital printing system "Impremia NS40" that has advanced such as the increase to seven colors. Each of these sessions are condensed 30-minute format, so be sure to register so you don't miss any.

-Commercial session: 22, April 8:40- (UTC: +1)

The highlights are the high-speed stable operation of light stock by the advance model and the "touchless" automation technology. Komori introduces three technologies here.

First, take a look at the automation by KP-Connect Pro through press automation that links Komori machines and postpress automation that links Apressia CTX132 and MBO K80.

Second is Parallel Makeready technology that drastically reduces preparation time. The A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System), blanket washing, and pre-inking are performed in parallel and allow for quick start-up.

Third are real-time concentration and register adjustment by in-line quality inspection system, and Autopilot that self-judges print quality. These enable the shortest and touchless production possible.

Productivity and operability has been drastically improved through automatic operation that removes the need for hands-on intervention from operators, and through use of presets for high-level automation of job changeovers.

-Packaging session: 20, April 8:40- (UTC: +1)

The highlights are new technologies that pursue "reduction of makeready time for package printing." Changing colors for special color inks is a major source of production bottlenecks when printing packages. To solve this problem, we propose two solutions.

First is Parallel makeready for package printing. Ink roller washing can be performed simultaneously in addition to plate change and blanket washing. Reproducing colors requires a high level of dot reproduction accuracy. In other words, Smart Color is only made possible through the Komorimatic dampening system, which minimizes as much water as possible from ink without allowing it to emulsify. Smart Color will be an innovation that revolutionizes productivity for package printing by eliminating color changing.

Other options such as the replaceable ink fountain system and the anilox roller changer can be available for more efficient color change.

Thus, by eliminating production bottlenecks, our solutions achieve higher print quality and more efficient, higher productivity, even in package printing, which is becoming increasingly diversified and small-lot.

2. Exhibition space
At our Exhibition space we provide you with the latest information on the product line and solutions of Komori group.

3. Networking plaza
The Networking plaza is a completely new project that allows visitors to communicate online with Komori personnel of each country and region. Take a step into the future of printing with Komori through these new challenges.

Komori has created new synergies in the printing industry through drupa, a platform that has a tremendous impact on the printing markets. Komori appreciates Messe Düsseldorf and all partners for realizing the virtual format and sincerely wishes to see you again during the next real event.

To join the virtual.drupa, visitors are able to register at

Please visit Komori's exhibition space from

*You can register to the virtual.drupa website even before the exhibition. It can be accessed even after the end of the show, except for some sites such as web sessions and seminars. (Until the end of December 2021)

virtual.drupa will be held based on Central European Time (UTC +1), so please be aware of the time difference from your region when watching the web sessions.

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About us

Company portrait

Our Mission at Komori

Ever since our company was founded in 1923, the Komori Group has sought to contribute to society and culture by manufacturing printing presses. At a furious pace, change is transforming not only social conditions but also the entire environment surrounding the printing industry. Now is the time to renew our commitment to using every power at our disposal to make progress, one step at a time. Our ideal of being a company that inspires customer Kando is the philosophy that will illuminate the course ahead.

Listening carefully to the views of customers. Endeavoring to provide the finest services by viewing print from the user's perspective. And offering products and technologies that are the best solutions. By working diligently and wholeheartedly, Komori believes that we can achieve true brand value as an enterprise that offers Kando.

Now, as in the past, Komori will make every effort to be a company that inspires customer Kando through creative activities that originate with our customers.