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22 Apr 2021
13:20 ‐ 13:50
Innovations in Print Inspection
ISRA VISION will present its latest innovations for 100% print inspection:The new generation PrintSTAR offers unique possibilities to combine different inspection channels in one system: e.g. a 100% Cold Seal inspection channel checks the back of the web for defects and verifies the registration between front and back. Spectrophotometric values are measured with ColorSTAR and transferred to the unique ISRA VISION Embedded Camera Technology that allows to track colors on the entire repeat while inspecting at highest performance.

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  • 04.04.025  Big Data
  • 04  future technologies
  • 04.04  Industry 4.0
  • 04.04.035  Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions

  • 04  future technologies
  • 04.04  Industry 4.0
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Web monitoring systems

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  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.095  Spectrophotometers

Our products

Product category: Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, Smart Products, Foil testing devices, Inspection and test systems, data-based services

PrintSTAR Continuous quality and process control in real time

PrintSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system for a continuous quality and process control in print production, including lamination and coating. By using high-resolution line scan cameras combined with ultra-bright LED lighting, the system detects and classifies individual as well as repeating defects in real time. The possibility to immediately react to a defect reduces its life span significantly. This leads to a cost-saving effect in production since waste will be substantially reduced. An immediate comparison against a client PDF proof ensures the print quality according to defined standards and within specific tolerances.

Additionally, tools like advanced lane detection, register control, or intelligent material cutting maximize the production yield and improve the workflow efficiency. By using PrintSTAR in combination with ViewSTAR and ColorSTAR systems, even more comprehensive inspection insights will be achieved. Changeover times will be significantly reduced and quality characteristics precisely monitored.

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Product category: Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, Smart Products, Foil testing devices, Inspection and test systems, data-based services, Spectrophotometers

ColorSTAR - Inline Absolute Color Monitoring

ColorSTAR is an innovative inline absolute color measurement system to continuously monitor the color accuracy of print products. Color line scan cameras combined with a spectrophotometer secure a constant measurement and monitoring of absolute color values (L*a*b*) and density. The system is applicable for all substrates, even transparent, and at all printing speeds ensuring no color deviation across the entire web width in order to meet customers’ expectations.  ColorSTAR is an extensiont of the PrintSTAR system and supplies the camera with absolute color measurement data. It can easily be integrated in the 100% print inspection system. Thus, allowing continuous monitoring of the color fidelity without any interruption.

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Product category: Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, data-based services, Smart Products, Foil testing devices, Inspection and test systems, Web monitoring systems

ViewSTAR - webinspection

The web viewing system ViewSTAR monitors finest print characteristics and hue variations with maximum resolution and color. The system's high-resolution dual camera consists of a modern design viewer with no moving lenses. This is combined with advanced LED flash technology to ensure a detailed image of the entire repeat. Therefore, ViewSTAR not only provides a precise image display, even on highly reflective, transparent, and UV inks, it also delivers the industry's fastest image capture rate. The dynamic image stabilization tolerates extreme web variations and therefore ensures a simple and sustainable process control. ViewSTAR can easily be integrated in the 100% print inspection systems PrintSTAR and ColorSTAR.

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Product category: Inspection and test systems, Smart Products, Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, data-based services

CartonSTAR - 100% quality and process control for corrugated board inspection

CartonSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system optimized for the post-print production of direct corrugated cardboard. The system features enhanced functionality to compensate for typical substrate structures ensuring a reliable real-time detection of relevant defects thus avoiding waste. A precise classifier tool separates relevant from non-relevant defects to comply with individual customer requirements. It supports the automatic removal of defective sheets to guarantee a consistent high quality of deliveries to the brand owners.

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Product category: Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, Inspection and test systems, Smart Products, data-based services

DecoSTAR - 100% Quality Control in Metal Decorating Industry

DecoSTAR is an inline inspection system to ensure 100% quality control for metal imprints on steel and aluminum sheets. Using a high-efficiency LED illumination the system reliably identifies color deviations as well as edge and material defects. Through its high form-fit with a vast degree of freedom, it fits any machine in the market. 

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Product category: Inspection and test systems, Smart Products, Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems, Foil testing devices, data-based services

SMASH - web inspection

The efficient SMASH inline inspection system detects and classifies all surface defects at every process stage. The system ensures that:
  • End customers receive only flawless material
  • Waste is reduced and marketable production volume increased
  • Product properties are fully monitored and defect sources corrected
  • Plant operators can make product changes efficiently, saving costs
SMASH offers cutting-edge sensor technology consisting of application-specific camera and lighting systems, specialized for use on any surface and in any application. By detecting and classifying all relevant defects, the system gives users immediate feedback about the production process and material quality. Innovative software tools guarantee automatic quality classification for every roll produced. 100% inspection and 100% documented quality guarantee safe and reliable results for customers and in quality deliberations with suppliers. Audits can be successfully conducted by means of dedicated software tools.

Optional Beyond Inspection Tools are efficient enhancements that improve product quality and optimize production processes effectively. This saves costs and maximizes revenue and profits.

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Product category: Quality management software, Inspection and test systems, data-based services, Smart Products, Machine Vision Solutions, Inspection and test systems

BankSTAR PR - Individual inspection of all printing processes for paramount security and documented quality

BankSTAR PR monitors precise printing from one printing machine to another to a fraction of a millimeter and across all known processes. The inline systems takes into account the specific features of each printing process.

Furthermore, the inspection algorithm enables low-contrast streaks and scratches to be detected early, even when they are narrower than the registration tolerance. Simultaneously, the system can perform a color measurement in both full tone and halftone ranges.

BankSTAR PR detects deviations immediately, allowing users to determine their causes and correct them within the printing process. Its unique versatility makes the system suitable for all standard printing processes, both sheet-fed and roll-to-roll. It can be used on all substrates used in security printing, such as paper, polymer and hybrid.

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Product category: Quality management software, Inspection and test systems, Cloud-based solutions, Data mining, Data analytics, data-based services, Smart Products, Machine Vision Solutions, Big Data

ePROMI - Production Analytics

Sustainably increases the yield of your production lines – based on objective decisions regarding process control and optimization. ISRA's software solution EPROMI brings together data from various systems, analyses and connects it in an intelligent manner. The results are visualized in ECOCKPITs, which serve as strategic key tools for production analytics. You can unlock this potential in the following four areas:

  • Production Management
  • Product Optimization
  • Process Efficiency
  • Highest Yield

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Company news



15 Apr 2021

Simplify color printing and optimize process speeds

New options and features for coating and print inspection systems

When producing three-part metal packaging, the goal is to achieve visually perfect products in accordance with all hygiene and safety requirements. Flawlessly coated and printed metal sheets are the basis for this. CoatSTAR and DecoSTAR, the renowned 100% inspection systems from ISRA VISION, inspect the quality of the coating and print at process speeds. These systems now offer a range of new features that increase efficiency on the production line, thereby helping system operators optimize their processes.

The new “Auto Detect Color Bars” feature in the DecoSTAR 100% inspection system from ISRA VISION not only shortens the makeready process for new print jobs but also simplifies the color inspection process as a whole. The four to six-color printing process, used increasingly more often in metal printing, is benefiting from this in particular. The DecoSTAR system can automatically detect and evaluate the color measurement ranges in the bleed area of every sheet. A newly developed optional layout for color measurement areas by ISRA VISION also enables the detection of additional color zones, allowing inspection of all images on the sheet.  DecoSTAR guarantees 100% inline color measurement and recognizes color differences caused by color applications that are too thick or too thin based on density measurements. These are displayed as deviating ∆E values.

Two additional new features are now also available on both the CoatSTAR and the DecoSTAR systems. The “Machine Speed Reporting” feature enables both systems to collect detailed additional information on the inspected process: The evaluation includes information on the average speed per task or pallet and logs the current machine speed for every error detected. The data for “Machine Speed Reporting” is displayed as part of the inspection log, which is available as a PDF either locally or in a network environment. The correlation between machine speed and error type provides system operators with essential information to help optimize their processes. Speed-based errors such as color fluctuations or splashes, can now be prevented without slowing the process unnecessarily.

The “Maintenance Reporting” feature also ensures smoother processes. To this end, the “Touch & Inspect” graphical interface notifies the user when maintenance is required. This prevents defects that are typically caused by dirty components or initial signs of wear. The operator, therefore, has the opportunity to react at an early stage and prevent more severe problems – whether by cleaning the corresponding components or by requesting a maintenance appointment to avoid unplanned and forced downtime or large amounts of waste through a system failure.

With the CoatSTAR inline inspection system for inspecting coatings and DecoSTAR for inspecting prints, ISRA VISION offers powerful solutions for the 100% inspection of metal sheets. They not only reduce waste to a minimum but also support the user with new functionalities that simplify color inspection, speed reporting to avoid speed-related defects, and maintenance notifications.

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24 Mar 2021

In operation at SÜDPACK: Significantly more than a standard 100% inline inspection system

Advanced Hazing Detection reliably detects color hazing on transparent films

To inspect the print quality of its packaging films, Swiss manufacturer SÜDPACK Bioggio SA uses the PrintSTAR 100% inspection system by ISRA VISION, a world leader in surface inspection. The inspection system, equipped with the “Advanced Hazing Detection” assistant, enables the reliable and early detection of color hazing on transparent films that are invisible to the human eye. In addition, the retrofitted “QuickProof” module compares the print image with the reference file before production begins. Using the two assistance systems prevents customer complaints, as well as unnecessary material waste.

The SÜDPACK Group produces packaging solutions, which not only provide optimal protection for the products but also generate an attractive appearance at the point-of-sale, as well as maximum convenience for the customer. With its innovative concepts, cutting-edge technology and company values, such as reliability and stability, the company has developed into a leading provider of film packaging in Europe. The manufacturer of plastic films for food packaging, medical technology products and high-quality engineering goods does not compromise when it comes to the quality of its products and services.

Furthermore, SÜDPACK consequently relies on automation. The company prioritizes the discovery of new methods to further optimize production, increase efficiency and therefore ensure greater sustainability. The PrintSTAR 100% inline inspection system from ISRA VISION has been successfully deployed already. SÜDPACK is familiar with the ISRA solutions that have proven themselves in their applications.

The company is particularly impressed with the defect classification system, a solution that enables defect recognition to be set very accurately depending on the calibration. This ensures achieving very reliable results. The parent company, SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG initiated a comprehensive digitalization program. In the context of this program, the Swiss subsidiary SÜDPACK Bioggio SA – located in Bioggio near Lugano in Switzerland – began investigating the use of innovative assistance systems that now contribute significantly to quality assurance..

Reliably detect color hazing on transparent substrates

The company deems the recently installed “Advanced Hazing Detection” PrintSTAR option as a clear benefit. This option helps ISRA stand out from the competition in printing inspection processes. An additional bank of cameras enables slight color hazing on a transparent substrate to be reliably detected across the entire web width, even during the printing process. Hazing is a faint but unwanted color transfer in non-image ranges. Wear to the doctor blade can result in barely visible color hazing appearing on the product motif. These hazing effects are invisible to the operators at high production speeds and are also defects typically not detectable by inspection systems. Therefore, the production of defective films would not be stopped, as these defects were often only detected during further processing.

With its new “Advanced Hazing Detection” solution, ISRA VISION has found a reliable solution that automatically detects these errors. The multi-colored transparent films that SÜDPACK Bioggio produces are now free from hazing defects and can therefore be delivered to the customers without the fear of complaints. Faulty production runs are avoided, as the system alarms the operator of defects, enabling an immediate cause analysis and the implementation of countermeasures. Complaints and defective prints with the respective material waste are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, it is also a valuable contribution to sustainable production.

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14 Jan 2021

100% defect detection: Multiview functions ensure full-coverage inspections for flexible packaging solutions

Reliably detect invisible production errors such as hazing, coating, and cold seal defects.

When handling flexible packaging, brands and quality-conscious consumers expect consistently high quality. Even in the event of the smallest deviations and errors, manufacturers can expect to receive a complaint. These high standards can only be reliably met by using state-of-the-art web inspection systems. To achieve even better results, the 100% inline inspection system PrintSTAR offers a range of innovative multiview functions in which several banks of cameras cover multiple inspection functions at once. Thanks to its superior technology, the system even detects initially invisible production errors such as hazing and cold seal defects. Moreover, its precise error detection tools only report relevant defects. All in all, the enhanced inspection solution significantly reduces material consumption and waste while ensuring high-yield production with maximum process reliability.

The human eye performs marvels every day, but some tasks in print inspection are just beyond its capabilities. Cold seal defects, for instance, usually only become visible when it is already too late. However, reliable defect detection, often on highly reflective surfaces, is a real challenge even for optical inspection systems. On top of this, they have the complex task of detecting registration errors on non-transparent foils. For this reason, register marks are still being used to align cold seal patterns during the printing process.

Now, however, the innovation leader ISRA has developed an application devised specifically for detecting cold seal defects for its proven 100% inline inspection system PrintSTAR, which effectively and permanently improves process reliability.

Two-sided foil inspection detects cold seal defects

Using high-resolution LCD cameras combined with ultrabright LED lighting, the cold seal application detects both individual and recurrent cold seal defects, such as contamination, in real-time. On top of this, it checks the registration accuracy on the front and back of the substrate. To do so, it deploys a truly unique technical method: The inspection is performed simultaneously by both channels with a superimposed image. If the sealing layer on the back does not precisely match the printed image on the front, an acoustic signal alerts the operator immediately.

An additional benefit of the groundbreaking inspection is that registration marks – which slow down the process – can be entirely omitted, thereby reducing the required foil width and saving material costs.  

Reliable inspection of varnish and lamination

Inspecting protective varnish or other finishes on flexible packaging is no less of a challenge than detecting cold seal defects. A huge variety of print finishing options is available, including a range of varnishes, embossed finishes, and print effects applied to the surface to achieve specific optical and haptic effects. Whether merely embossing the printing product, applying a glossy or soft-touch effect, or integrating silver and gold pigments, special effects must be 100% fault-free, as this is the only way to ensure the distinctive quality and value of the final product.

In order to guarantee full-coverage inline print inspection when using a vast range of coating and lamination techniques, while simultaneously detecting errors on both the front and back, the system inspects webs from above and below. Permanently installed image acquisition units with fast, high-resolution line cameras and special ultrabright LED lighting are used for this. Furthermore, ISRA’s innovative multiview function reliably checks registration accuracy and ensures continuous and complete process monitoring comprising the printed image, the lamination, and the coating.

 Defect inspection above and beyond industry standards: identifying hazing errors

Hazing defects, also known as fogging, are usually caused by a doctor blade, a cylinder, or an ink. The undesired, usually slight and even transfer of ink outside the image area on transparent substrates is invisible to the operator and is only discovered later on in the production process – or, in the worst case, by the customer, resulting in a complaint. If such a defect is replicated entirely through production as a color haze, the entire production run has to be destroyed and reprinted at a considerable cost.

Hazing defects are hard to detect even for sophisticated inspection solutions. The 100% inline inspection system PrintSTAR is equipped with Advanced Hazing Detection, allowing these impairments to be reliably detected for the first time. Technically mature line cameras detect the entire web, automatically identifying the defects that the human eye cannot see during the printing process. The system then alerts the operator, who can immediately take remedial measures – even during production.

The advantages of hardware-based Advanced Hazing Detection are clear: the highest productivity, minimal waste, and satisfied customers who can rely on flawless print quality.

Digital processing and use of inspection data

Data is the new gold – especially in printing. Decision-makers can use the data collected by the quality assurance systems during optical inspections to gain important information on the quality and productivity of a production process. An inspection data analysis function integrated into the PrintSTAR system gathers valuable data that can be used to improve the production process. In doing so, it is also possible to analyze the process using the EPROMI data mining software – a highly effective way of supporting production optimization.

Moreover, a number of useful tools are available for shortening make-ready times in the form of QuickPROOF, ViewSTAR, and ColorSTAR. In particular, the graphical user interface, with touch-display and intuitive job configuration and management, ensures a high degree of digital compatibility and future-oriented, connected printing production. As such, this innovative solution reliably meets the high quality standards set in the global market.

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31 Jul 2020

100% absolute color measurement for printed products

Reduce make-ready times and decrease material consumption

Colors significantly define the face of a brand. Globally active brand owners, therefore, only allow very small color tolerances. ColorSTAR, a new module for the 100% print inspection system PrintSTAR from ISRA VISION, enables perfect color measurement – anytime and anywhere, ensuring that color specifications are adhered to. Printers benefit from a smooth, error-free production process and can acquire new clients.

In the packaging sector, printing with high color consistency is a significant quality criterion. Flexible packaging, body care products, labels, hygienic films, aluminum packaging for medication and food, packaging for liquids, security printing, and much more are all printed with brand slogans or safety information. A brand is often defined to a large extent by its color profile, which is why global brands only allow very small color tolerances. Printers require a reliable tool to check the color consistency during production and within the make-ready time.

The ColorSTAR module provides the PrintSTAR inspection system with absolute color measurement data. This feature enables continuous monitoring of the color accuracy of printed products on printing machines, without interrupting production. Color line scan cameras are combined with a spectrophotometer to enable continuous measurement and monitoring of absolute color values (L*a*b*) and color density. These measurements can be performed and repeated at any point in the process. As soon as printing commences, the measured color values are compared to the target specifications. The operator can adjust the color without having to stop the printing machine. ISRA technology allows the taking of real-time measurements, thereby reducing make-ready times by up to 60% and lowering material consumption. The system guarantees color consistency throughout the entire print batch in line with the brand owner’s specifications. Manual measurements  are no longer necessary.

Color deviations are prevented across the entire web width, and the customer’s expectations are met. Any deviations that exceed a fully-adjustable limit value trigger an alarm or other actions. Rejects and waste products caused by color deviations are now a thing of the past. The system, therefore, makes a valuable contribution to sustainable production.

The solution is suitable for all substrates – even transparent ones – and operates at any printing speed. Measurement positions are tracked automatically and continuously for all materials, including thin and stretchable ones, without any additional equipment. The color consistency must be documented for the brand owners. With ColorSTAR, complete and automatic documentation of every roll is guaranteed. This enables efficient process and quality control. Deviations between target and measured values are recorded and displayed in an L*a*b* diagram.

Another distinct feature is scalability. Printers can use the solution that is tailored precisely to their requirements. PrintSTAR can be equipped with the ColorWATCH option – the perfect introductory solution for comparing colors with a master. If requirements increase, it is possible to upgrade to the ColorSTAR option at any time, enabling absolute color measurement at all times. Thanks to inline color measurement and well-documented color consistency, printers will be able to gain new customers in the demanding packaging sector.

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31 May 2020

Perfectly printed corrugated board thanks to CartonSTAR

Increased quality with 100% inline print inspection

ISRA VISION, the world’s leading provider of surface inspection systems, offers cutting-edge technology for continuous quality and process control of the printed image on corrugated board surfaces with its 100% inline inspection system CartonSTAR. The system, which is used in both “post-print” and “pre-print” stages of production, reliably differentiates between quality-relevant defects and inhomogeneous surfaces.

Never before has there been as much emphasis on quality and consistency of printed corrugated board. Due to these increasing demands, suppliers of state-of-the-art packaging solutions need to provide precisely documented quality.  With inspection during the printing process, the printer can depend on continuous, automatic visibility of the printed image and material quality. Using inspection systems significantly reduces the necessity for manual quality checks by dramatically reducing waste.  Other benefits include the reduction of costly reprinting and the ability to run the press at higher speeds for improved productivity.  The inspection data can even be used to investigate the causes of defects.

Meeting 100% of customer demands

CartonSTAR is an inline inspection system designed to meet the stringent quality requirements of the competitive corrugated industry. It detects all relevant defects on the printed surface. Thanks to its enhanced functionality, the system can reliably differentiate between typical surface structures and defects, all in real time, even at full production speeds. As such, the system is capable of “disregarding” the inhomogeneous surface structure of the corrugated board while reliably locating and categorizing anomalies in the print, including color deviations.  

CartonSTAR utilizes sophisticated “defect classifiers” to precisely identify abnormalities independent of substrate imperfections resulting in defect free product for your most demanding customers.  Since the system is able to focus on actual defects, it helps to achieve higher production throughputs.

Adaptable to all applications

The highly configurable CartonSTAR system can be tailored to accommodate the most challenging printing tasks. Even holograms can be inspected. With its compact design, the system easily integrates into most printing presses and die-cutters. ISRA LED lighting is highly efficient and durable, designed to run for many years without any maintenance. All system components are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions of corrugated board production.

CartonSTAR can provide communication for defective sheet ejection, conserving resources and saving costs in the production process while also giving the operator peace of mind that only defect-free product is on its way to customers. In addition, the system reporting tool registers all incidents and presents them in a clear, concise defect report for distribution to the quality department and the customer.


100% inspection with CartonSTAR increases product quality while reducing production costs.  Moreover, the solution provides the means to monitor your printing process and quickly alert the operator to correct problems that often lead to unnecessary production waste. The savings provided by 100% inspection strengthens your company’s reputation for quality products and secures a competitive advantage.

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About us

Company portrait

ISRA VISION AG is one of the world’s top companies for industrial image processing and a global leader in surface inspection of web materials and 3D machine vision applications. Within its Print product segment, the company offers high-performance inline inspection systems used for the complete and reliable detection of printed products. ISRA’s systems contribute significantly to improving quality, optimizing processes and increasing profit and they comprise a large number of inspection tasks. ISRA’s experience and technological competence are proven in the thousands of successfully installed systems worldwide.

Thanks to its comprehensive portfolio, ISRA offers the right inspection solution for the entire value chain of printed products. The company also provides quality assurance for a wide range of materials and tasks; from paper packaging to metal and decorative prints. Thanks to innovative web-viewing, ISRA enables a reliable defect detection even when faced with the fastest web speeds, thus ensuring a cost-effective, timely and profitable production.