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Willkommen bei KAMA auf der virtual drupaDie KAMA Geschäftsführer Bernd Sauter und Steffen Pieper begrüßen Sie am virtuellen KAMA Stand und geben einen ersten Blick auf die Innovationen für die Weiterverarbeitung.


Bernd Sauter

Managing Director

+49 351 270 3630


Steffen Pieper

Managing Director

+49 351 270 3632


Stefan Kleditzsch

Sales Manager
Norddeutschland, Österreich, Scandinavia

+49 175 4379877


Jonatan Simon

Sales Manager
Süddeutschland, Schweiz, Africa

+49 151 24073803


Martin Hempel

Sales Manager
Europe, Latin America

+49 351 270 3618


Weronika Dregva

Sales Manager

+48 794 772772


Job van Hasselt

Regional Representative
Asia Pacific

+60 19 3365062


Brett Stow

Distributor North America

+1 (317) 862 9096


Ruth Isheim

Marketing Manager

+49 351 270 3627


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  • 03.01.335  Hot foil stamping machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
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  • 04  future technologies
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Networking solutions and standards

Our products

Product category: Automatic die-cutters, Hot foil stamping machines, Foil stamping machines, Flatbed die-cutting machines, Die-cutting machines

Flagship for Finishing KAMA ProCut 76 Foil

Looking for an efficient finishing solution for demanding commercial jobs and packaging? With ten (!) applications and short set-up times, the KAMA ProCut 76 Foil die cutting and hot foil stamping machine is more versatile than any other. Die-cutting, creasing, kiss-cutting, perforating, blind embossing e.g. of greeting cards, presentation folders, labels and folding cartons - optionally finished with hot foil or hologram for brand protection.

The NEW "Big Bite Gripper System" further increases the range of applications: even 3mm thick book or photo book covers can be embossed and finished with sophisticated hot foil effects. The NEW three dimension AutoRegister is easy to operate and secures highest accuracy also for sheets cut after printing. The ProCut 76 Foil for the format 760x600 mm is networkable and offers the highest accuracy with the latest servo technology and AutoRegister.nd cut sheets.

Features and benefits

> All with a single machine: cutting, creasing, perforating, kiss-cutting, cold embossing,
Braille embossing, hot foil stamping, combined hot foil stamping and embossing;
hologram stamping and hot cutting as options
> Very fast changeover from hot foil stamping to die cutting and reverse (just 10 minutes)
> Servo technology for 50 % higher performance with hot foil stamping
> NEW: three dimension AutoRegister 3
> Motor-driven pressure control (MPC)
> Universal chase for existing dies
> Highest register accuracy (<  0.1 mm)
> Quick-change heating plate system for hologram and hot foil stamping
> Energy-saving: six separately controllable heating zones
> Space-saving design

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Product category: Automatic die-cutters, Hot foil stamping machines, Stripping machines, Flatbed die-cutting machines, Foil stamping machines, Die-cutting machines

Finishing Die Cutter with inline Stripping & Blanking KAMA DC 76 Foil

Fast changeovers, best registration and blank separation: When it comes to short-run folding carton production the  KAMA DC 76 Foil ASB provides all applications to turn printed sheets into precisely cut 100 % separated blanks - including finishing with hot foil and hologram if desired. Highly efficient, highly profitable and in the high level of quality  which brand manufacturers demand. Flexible and network compatible, the "short-run expert" for packaging DC 76 Foil is the ideal post press partner for your digital printing press.

Special features and benefits

> All-in-one solution from the printed sheet to 100 % separated folding carton blanks
> NEW: Programmable Inline Stripping & Blanking without the need for tools (!) with 30 % increased performance
> No costs for stripping and blanking tools, no set-up time
> NEW: three dimension AutoRegister, easy to operate
> Highest precision for digital print and cut sheets (< 0.1 mm)
> Very fast changeover from cutting to foil stamping (just 10 minutes) thanks to KAMA's removable heating plate
> High Uptime: Fast set-up, quick-change heating plate system for hologram and hot foil stamping, no time lost for heating-up and cooling down 
> NEW: Servo main drive for 50 % higher speed with hot foil stamping
> Energy-saving six zone heating plate
> Universal chase
> Ideal for converting & embellishment of digitally printed high-quality and luxury folding cartons, e.g. in the workflow with an HP Indigo 35K digital press

Further options

> Upgrade for application of holograms
> Module for hot cutting and creasing of plastic materials

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Product category: Flatbed die-cutting machines, Hot foil stamping machines, Foil stamping machines, Die-cutting machines, Automatic die-cutters

KAMA ProCut 58 Foil

New value added to your post-press processes: The world’s first finishing die cutter ProCut 58 Foil for a size of 580 x 400 mm boasts a multitude of applications. For excellent print products with classy hot-foil stamp, embossing or hologram. Also as a valued security feature for vouchers, tickets and brand protection. Offer your customers noble finishing also of small runs profitably and efficiently.
Be it printed matter or packagings, offset or digital printing.


> Versatile use: 10 different applications with a single machine
> Very quick job set-up (just 5 minutes) thanks to KAMA's principle of a removable heating plate
> Highly flexible use for finishing and refining tasks
> Highest register accuracy (less than 0.1 mm)
> New: motor-driven pressure control system
> New: timed air blast system to facilitate foil detachment
> Space-saving design (footprint less than 5 m²)
> Efficient finishing of small and personalised print runs

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Product category: Fold gluing machines, Automation solutions

Automatic Folder Gluer KAMA FlexFold 52i

Fast lane for short-run folding cartons: The KAMA FlexFold 52i  folder gluer with the highest degree of automation in the market provides the shortest changeover times. In less than 5 minutes (!) the FlexFold 52i moves automatically into position - from feeder to delivery. Whether its finished folding cartons for beauty, healthcare and consumer goods or - with the NEW inline-AutoBraille and 100% inspection - pharmaceutical secundary packaging. The FlexFold 52i is networkable and turns "difficult" short runs into a profitable business.

Features and benefits

> Production of:
> Straight-line boxes
> Automatic boxes (crash-lock bottom)
> Slip-lid boxes
> USP: Fully automated set-up of the entire production line
> Changeover in less than 5 minutes
> NEW: KAMA AutoBraille for inline-Braille with automatic set-up over the full width of the machine
> Network-Integration via JDF/JMF
> Ideal for short runs, versioned runs, partial delivery and shortened time-to-market,
e.g. in the workflow with the HP Indigo 35K digital press and the KAMA DC 76 die cutter with inline Stripping & Blanking
> Pre-breaking unit
> Lower gluing unit with high precision
> 100 % inspection with ejection

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Product category: Fold gluing machines

Versatile Folder-Gluer KAMA ProFold 74

Manual work was yesterday: Today, the ProFold 74 folds and glues blanks into a multitude of print products automatically, flexibly and cost-efficiently. With fast changeovers and in constant high quality. Be it presentation folders, cross folders, folding cards, ticket- and mailing bags and envelopes or folded cartons with straight-line or crash-lock bottom.  Innovative tools and fast, software-supported set-up with the JobPlanner software and the ProFold's grid-type mounting system make folding, gluing and dipensing processes profitable - also with small and personalised runs.


> Flexible use for a wide range of products
> Quick, software supported set-up
> Unique, grid-type mounting system
> Several jobs in parallel on the machine
> Modular machine with innovative tools (e.g. capacity folding device 4 to 25 mm, NEW ball baring mounted turning device, bar code reader, dispensing devices and many more
> NEW: device for folded cartons with crash-lock base
> NEW: JobPlanner software for optimised set-up, job archive and cost planning
> Suction-belt-type or flat stack feeder

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Product category: Fold gluing machines

New generation ProFold Job Planner

Precise set-up time planning and quick job set-up are crucial if you want to process small runs and a variety of different folded and glued products profitably. The new Job Planner for the ProFold 74  optimises this process. Watch video of the ProFold 74.

> Quickening set-up

The software calculates an optimum set-up plan for the print product. Based on detailed position information from the Job Planner, the operator quickly sets up the machine, saving a lot of time.

> Reproducible repeat orders

Data for repeat orders are saved in the archive. The operator thus has a suitable set-up plan ready at hand and can reproduce the set up the 1:1 on the unique tool mounting grid of the ProFold 74.

> Profitable and precise planning

How much time do we need to process a specific job? What are our actual production costs? The calculation module gives answers to these questions. Job-related production times and costs can be determined with a few clicks. For good planning and reliable meeting of deadlines.

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Product category: Automation solutions, Networking solutions and standards

NEW KAMA JobManager Software

Networking the machines, establishing workflows: The JobManager receives digital job data and the operator has all relevant data directly on the screen. The software generates suitable set-up data for the KAMA machines and transfers them. This simplifies and accelerates the makeready process. The machines report their data back to the MIS via the JobManager, such as set-up time, duration of production, number of good sheets and information on the status of production.

The JobManager software can be installed on the KAMA Cockpit as a control console - particularly useful in combination with the KAMA CPX fast positioning system wherever many hot foil jobs are processed.

Features and advantages

 > Software for fast machine set-up and networking the KAMA machines for Print 4.0 in Finishing
> Two-way data exchange: job data from the ERP/MIS to the KAMA solutions and digital reports of production data and evaluation go back to the MIS
> SBU programme: calculates and communicates setting data for the tool-free stripping & blanking unit
> Foil saver programme: calculates and transmits setting data for optimised foil utilisation for hot foil stamping
> Reduced throughput times and a shortened time-to-market

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Product category: Die-cutting machines, Flatbed die-cutting machines, Automatic die-cutters

NEW: Automatic Die Cutter KAMA ComCut 76

The new ComCut 76 is the economical successor for platens and cylinders and performs all die cutting, creasing and embossing applications with double to triple the productivity. High output quality, all types of blind embossing are feasible and the efficient machine quickly pays for itself even with just a few hours of utilisation.


> Fast changeover and easy operation
> High productivity
> Simply continue to use existing tools
> Blind embossing including large-area and multi-level
> Very few nicks for clean blanks and accelerated stripping
> Long service life, made in Germany

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Product category: Hot foil stamping machines

Fast positioning system KAMA CPX

Save time twice: First, clichés are fixed to the mounting plate at highest register accuracy in a single step with the cliché positioning system KAMA CPX. And secondly, another job can still be running on the cutting machine while you prepare the die. The CPX can be used for all positioning work for hot foil stamping, hologram stamping and cold embossing jobs, but also for setting up cutting dies.


> Saving in set-up time
Quick cliché mounting at highest register accuracy outside the cutting machine.

> Precise positioning
The CPX reads the work files directly, computes the target position and indicates it on the monitor. The actual cliché position recorded by a camera is laid on top on the monitor without shades.

> Easy to operate
The clichés are mounted to the indicated target position is one step. Thermal expansion of mounting plate and clichés is calculated and compensated for automatically.

> Versatility
For any positioning work on hot foil and hologram stamping modules, magnetic plates, hot cut systems and universal chases.

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Product category: Automatic die-cutters, Flatbed die-cutting machines, Die-cutting machines

Automatic Die Cutter KAMA ProCut 76

Versatile, profitable, successfully used world-wide: The Automatic Die Cutter ProCut 76 stands for high-quality and efficient post-press processing of 760 x 600 mm sheets. Lowest set-up times, user-friendly features and quick job change make the ProCut 76 your economical solution for all finishing tasks of job printers and packaging manufacturers.
NEW: The KAMA AutoRegister adjusts each sheet to a print mark and secures most accurate finishing of digitally printed and cut sheets.

Features and benefits

> Multifaceted applications for the 760x600 mm size
> Motor-driven pressure control system (MPC)
> Universal chase for the use of existing dies
> Platen changing system (4+1 mm) for quick job change
> Profitable converting also of small runs e.g. in folding carton production
> Highest register accuracy (< 0.1 mm)
> High-end output with clean contours thanks to very few to no nicks
> ProCut principle of a moving upper table for gentle sheet pass on one level
> Space-saving design

Further options

> NEW: Three dimension KAMA AutoRegister aligns each sheet to a print mark (< 0.1 mm) and
secures accurate converting of digitally printed sheets and cut sheets
> Cutting pressure indicator on the display and overload protection
> Magnetic plate for cutting and kiss-cutting of filigree contours
> Hot-foil and hologram stamping module available for retrofitting
> Module for hot cutting of plastics

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Product category: Automatic die-cutters, Flatbed die-cutting machines, Die-cutting machines

Automatic Die Cutter KAMA ProCut 58

Innovative and versatile: The world’s first B3 flat-bed cutter is your efficient converting solution for the small format (580 x 400 mm). For cutting, creasing, perforating, kiss-cutting, cold embossing and Braille. Changeover takes just a few minutes, and with the KAMA AutoRegister the registration accuracy is guaranteed. The highly compact solution requires very little space.


> KAMA AutoRegister aligns each sheet to a print mark
> Highest register accuracy (less than 0.1 mm)
> Profitable converting for small format and short runs
> Clean cutting contours thanks to few or no nicks
> Moving upper table ensures gentle passage of the material
> Space-saving design, requires only 4.5 m²


> Motor-driven pressure control system (MPC)
> Cutting pressure indicator on the display and automatic overload protection
> Platen changing system (4+1 mm)
> Module for hot cutting of plastic materials

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Product category: Hot foil stamping machines

Foil rewinder OptiFoil

Tailored hot foil reels: OptiFoil serves to cut hot foil in-house to size specifically for each individual stamping job. Directly when needed. In the desired foil width and length. This saves you time and money, makes your production more flexible and speeds up job processing.


> Cost-efficient purchase of hot foil stock in large reels
> Optimized foil utilisation thanks to tailor-made individual reels
> Smooth foil payout thanks to separately cutting each foil layer
> Dust-free winding thanks to extracting device
> No unwanted fusing of the cut edges (as with conventional methods cutting through the entire reel)
> Suitable for all foil thicknesses
> For 1'' and 3'' cores

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About us

Company portrait

Ideas create added value.

Following this maxim, engineers at KAMA have been developing high-quality die cutters and folder gluers for the global market for more than 125 years. As a well-established, reliable partner for die-cutting and finishing processes, we offer versatile and profitable solutions for small to medium runs.
With more than 650 installations in over 80 countries our innovative machines "made in Germany" for the commercial and the packaging market are in demand around the world.

Flexibility opens doors.

Our second business area is the manufacture of components and machine assemblies. With flexibility in craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery, our specialists here produce customised components to customer specifications in the shortest possible time. So that everything runs smoothly in your production.

Confidence defines partnership.

Our customers include small and medium-sized job and packaging printers, bookbinders and finishing companies as well as well-known large companies around the world. Our machines are distributed in close cooperation with leading press manufacturers and sales organisations. This means that you can reach us quickly and conveniently, wherever you are in the world.