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Müller Martini AG

Untere Brühlstr. 17, 4800 Zofingen

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08:40 ‐ 09:10
Video conference

Webinar with Volker Leonhardt and Georg Riva: Muller Martini - your strong partner: driving the digital transformation in print finishing

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Anyone who wants to take the step into the digital world faces many challenges. With its comprehensive consulting expertise in conventional and digital applications, Muller Martini shows how the digital transformation can succeed. There is no off-the-shelf solution for a smart factory. Rather, it requires a customized workflow to meet individual needs and thus realize the digital transformation. Muller Martini not only has the products, business and workflow solutions for this process, but also supports customers with the experience gained from numerous implemented projects. In this webinar, our experts will highlight some of Muller Martini's solutions and present case studies from current projects.
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.030  Workflow systems

Workflow systems

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.120  Machines and equipment for book and brochure production
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.125  Spine gluing machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.135  Book-on-demand systems
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.175  Book manufacturing lines

Book manufacturing lines

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.205  Wire stitchers

Wire stitchers

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.215  Thread sewing machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.235  Perfect binding machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.255  Gathering and stitching machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.450  Mailroom equipment

Our products

Product category: Perfect binding machines

Alegro Perfect Binder - Absolute Top Class

Finishing 4.0 with Motion control
The Alegro perfect binding system impresses with maximum economic efficiency thanks to the consequent MC technology. MC means motion control stands for the latest control and individual servo drive technology in the perfect binder world.
As result, you get the shortest setup times, top quality in bound book and lower maintenance requirements. For example thanks to the reduction of mechanical components such as shafts, gears and chains there is up to 60% lower maintenance investments compare to others.
There is also a wide range of application – for Offset and digital printed products with a large format range, cold glue, EVA or PUR, two-shot, covers with flaps, layflat brochures, Offset-, digital and hybrid application etc.
Because of his modular design for highest investment protection, the line is expandable for future requirements.

At the end - short run application meets productivity and quality!

The maximum output of 7 000 cycles per hour and the extremely short make-ready times give the Alegro binding system an exceptional position in the medium binder segment.

Wide format spectrum
The Alegro can process products with a maximum spine length of 480 mm and a book thickness of 65 mm.

Soft- and Hardcover / Offset and Digital
Thanks to its wide range of expansion options, it can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

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Product category: Perfect binding machines

Vareo PRO - The compact All-Rounder

The Vareo PRO is the most ideal perfect binder for print finishing specialists and printing plants that use conventional printing modes or are engaged in digital printing. The three-clamp perfect binder with a mechanical performance of up to 1,350 cycles per hour can be loaded manually or automatically with book blocks. Whether for medium, short or ultra-short runs, right down to runs of one copy, the Vareo is an all-rounder and stands for outstanding binding quality. The first book can be sold, even from book blocks consisting of individual sheets.
Thanks to its unique expandability, for example by means of an end sheet tipper, a hang-out adjustment, various side gluing discs, a mull station, exchangeable side pressing plates or a scan & print unit, it becomes a specialist for the one-off production of hardcover book blocks or special brochures.
The crowning glory in the line is the full-format flexible InfiniTrim cutting robot.
He trims barcode-driven automatically short and ultra-short print runs down to one copy for all book sizes and thickness. This revolutionary concept does not require a manual operator for a variety of production variations, thus guaranteeing an extremely high level of efficiency. With its unique trimming concept, the InfiniTrim can operate both as a hand-fed, stand-alone machine and in inline mode.

The maximum output of 1 350 cycles per hour and fully automatic processing down to book-of-one gives the Vareo PRO Line an absolutely exceptional position, especially in the field of industrial digital printing.

Wide format spectrum
The Vareo PRO Line can process products with a maximum spine length of 360 mm and a book thickness of 60 mm.

Soft- and Hardcover / Offset and Digital
Thanks to a wide range of expansion options, the line can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. For example, up to four Vareo binders were inline connected with an InfiniTrim in the field.

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Product category: Workflow systems

Connex Workflow System

Connex is the higly modular Muller Maritini Workflow solution. The main modules are:

Connex.Info is the monitoring and reporting tool for the Connex workflow system. Connex.Info collects the production data for the relevant production lines (Muller Martini or third-party units) and uses it to prepare reports that contain a number of key indicators, such as performance, overall equipment efficiency or productivity. The range of key indicators makes the tool useful for shift managers (indicator: top ten reasons for downtime during the last shift), production managers (key indicator: comparison of equipment productivity) and the company’s management team (key indicator: OEE of the connected saddle stitcher over the last month).
Connex.Info reduces the amount of time required to produce informative reports on print finishing to just a few minutes. Problems revealed in the reports can easily be tracked and analyzed thanks to the level of depth presented by Connex.Info.
Connex.Info can provide a technical assessment of recent production batches and much more, making it possible, for example, to automatically produce weekly assessments and send them to recipients via email. This data can then be forwarded via JMF or to an MIS for business analysis purposes (product costing analysis).

Connex LineControl
LineControl enables the integration of our production equipment in a main planning system (MIS/MES) via a digital job sheet (JDF). The JDF file contains all the relevant production control data. This data is used to prepare the production line and then transmit the job to the production line. This substantially reduces the organizational work that the operator has to perform during his daily routine. Job data, such as print run, job name, size, etc., is available directly in the machine with no need for manual entry by the operator. This ensures the quality of the data throughout the entire production process. LineControl also features options to integrate a barcode scanner to activate orders and identify errors.

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Product category: Gathering and stitching machines

Prinova Saddle Stitcher: Produce Quickly and Flexibly

The Prinova is the ideal saddle stitcher for printing houses that work with conventional printing methods and are active in digital printing now or want to enter this field soon.
With the Prinova, the entire feeding station has individual feeders with servo drives, which means that changeovers can be performed incredibly quickly. Because it has a flexible number of individual feeders ranging up to 14 in total, it can be freely adapted to your production needs. The feeders, which can be operated by a single employee thanks to their large loading capacity, are tiltable and can also be used for manual feeding. Centralized operation with a new interface and large touchscreen increases userfriendliness, which in turn shortens processes. As a digital-ready system, it is prepared for the digital transformation and can be expanded to process digital printing jobs. As a result, graphic arts businesses are equipped to face the new challenges of the future, which will provide them with a high level of investment security.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for book and brochure production

Complete Overview on the MM Portfolio

With below link you find a compact overview on all active machines in the Muller Martini portfolio

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Product category: Spine gluing machines

Backgluing and backlining machine RF 700

The RF 700 is predestined for gluing and folding thread-sewn book blocks.
The RF 700 is used to trim and fold thread-sewn book blocks and can be configured as a 30 cycles/min. line or a 70 cycles/min. line. By means of an integrated facing feed station, facing and finishing parts can be applied and glued to the book block before the gluing process. The CoPilot system offers shortest set-up times and efficient operator handling. All gluing processes are available. The backlining station of the RF 700 processes according to the crosswise backlining principle. The RF 700 can be designed both in book production lines and as an offline solution.

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Product category: Book-on-demand systems

Overview on Book-on-Demand systems from Muller Martini

Muller Martini offers a wide range of products suitable for Book-on-Demand production.
Book block production: SigmaLine III  either inline with a digital press or in a nearline configuration.
Softcover books: perfect binder Vareo with trimmer InfiniTrim.
Hardcover books: casing-in line Diamant MC Digital.

Find some more information using the below links

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Product category: Gathering and stitching machines

Primera PRO - For More Jobs Per Shift

The Primera PRO saddle stitcher is an advanced and highly efficient saddle stitcher for the mid-performance range of up to 14,000 cycles an hour. Whether you use it for small, medium-sized or larger print runs – or even jobs that have to be produced with a quick turnaround time – the Primera PRO allows you to generate the desired revenues in your daily production. With its innovative Motion Control Technology for fast setup, its revised operating concept and the fully automated, integrated three-knife trimmer, it strengthens the position of graphic arts companies in a highly competitive market environment. This enables extremely short job processing times and ensures maximum profitability. And the Primera PRO is ready for the “digital transformation” – with the option to expand it in the future into a digital version for digital printing.

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Product category: Perfect binding machines

Publica PRO - High performance for perfect bound products

The Publica PRO perfect binder generation impresses with high net output of top-quality products and the shortest changeover times thanks to optimized processes.

In addition to proven strengths such as straight infeed, spine processing, stream cover feeder SAL 414, and pressing stations, the Publica PRO offers bookbinders and print shops with their own postpress operations numerous innovations: swivel-mounted touchscreens, intuitive CoPilot system, optimized clamp chain, automatic glue film length adjustment on the spine gluing unit, diagonally arranged side gluing unit discs and optimized cover transport. The binder generation for periodicals, catalogs and magazines with long print runs is available in three performance classes: 12,000 (PRO12), 15,000 (PRO15), and 18,000 (PRO18) cycles per hour. With the 12,000-cycle version and the selected options lining station and end sheet gluer VA 424 hardcover book blocks can also be produced. The Publica PRO also offers a wide range of glue application options: EVA/PUR hotmelt-, dispersion gluing units and PUR-nozzle system.

The maximum output of up to 18,000 cycles/hour gives the Publica PRO18 a unique selling point.

Wide format spectrum
The Publica PRO12 is very powerful with a maximum spine length of up to 510 mm as well as a book thickness of 80 mm.

Soft- and Hardcover
The use of the backlining station guarantees a flexible changeover to HC block production.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for book and brochure production, Book manufacturing lines

The Muller Martini Online Showroom

Muller Martini has established a complete 3D Online-Showroom. Check it out!

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Product category: Book-on-demand systems

SigmaLine III - Flexible book block solution from 18" to 42"

The SigmaLine III is the ideal solution for processing paper from digital web printing systems. The high-performance system can produce single signatures, pre-glued book blocks as well as pre-gathered signatures.

The SigmaLine III is characterized by unique flexibility and a high degree of automation. With the multi-feature system, intermediate products for book production, saddle stitching, or thread sewing can be produced accordingly up to a run length of 1.

Thanks to the high degree of automation, the SigmaLine III excels with minimum changeover times between format- or job changes as well as minimal personnel requirements for operating the line.

The SigmaLine III can process paper widths from 18" to 42" depending on the configuration. With its maximum mechanical output of up to 1000 feet per minute (305 m/min) and high level of automation, it enables the highest possible output of digitally produced book blocks on the market.

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Product category: Thread sewing machines

Ventura MC 200 - Perfect Thread Sewing with the Highest Production Performance

Bookbinders dream of deep stitched book blocks and each signature correctly positioned – even at maximum production speeds. The Ventura MC 200 thread sewing machine makes this dream come true. Books with spine lengths ranging from 120 to 510 mm can be manufactured in both one-up and multiple-up production runs. Many of the settings are automatic and jobs are easily reproducible. The commander touch-screen provides operators with a practical and quick overview of production data. The two-part sewing saddle, servo-driven positioning of the signature and thread loop formation using blow air are just some of the features that ensure that the Ventura MC 200 produces the highest quality book blocks economically.

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Product category: Machines and equipment for book and brochure production

Diamant MC -For the production of conventionally and digitally printed books

The Diamant MC for conventionally and digitally printed books produces at up to 60 cycles per minute. The motion control technology ensures shortest set-up times in combination with highest flexibility, quality and productivity. This enables you to produce a maximum variety of products with the Diamant MC. The modular platform also allows individual customer solutions and generates synergy effects due to high amount of common parts with the Diamant MC Digital. Therefore the conventional bookline always benefits from the further developments of the digital bookline. This results an enormous investment protection and makes the Diamant MC the most powerful bookline with the highest degree of automation on the market!

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Product category: Mailroom equipment

FlexLiner Inserting System - For effective insert marketing

The FlexLiner inserting system stands for reliable and trend-setting insert marketing for newspaper and mailshot producers. The size range, from smaller than A4 up to Nordisch newspaper format as well as a wide variety of product openings such as low folio lap, suckers, or air blades, guarantee a wide and flexible range of applications for newspaper, mailings, and magazine production. The inserting system in the mid-range segment enables you to expand your product range by introducing new ideas and groundbreaking business models.

Creative Products
Innovative marketing ideas can be implemented easily with FlexLiner.

FlexAd – For Greater Advertising Effectiveness
FlexAd, which can be fully integrated with the FlexLiner production process, allows additional products, such as cards or inserts, to be glued or applied as an onsert to the front or back page of the main section if desired.

FlexFeed – Selective Main Section Feeding
Main section feeding on the FlexLiner can be extended to up to five feeders. Carrier products can be fed seamlessly.

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About us

Company portrait

Müller Martini – your strong partner.
 As a pioneer of the graphic arts industry, Muller Martini’s top-quality print finishing systems enjoy global recognition. Muller Martini is an international, independent family business that has always identified market trends early ever since it was founded in 1946. Muller Martini’s highly automated machines are state of the art today. They come into their own in combination with smart connectivity and a seamless workflow. Under our Finishing 4.0 development strategy, we provide innovative solutions for the finishing of digital and offset printed products.

With over 20 sales and service companies, 40 agencies and production sites in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, Muller Martini can rapidly provide on-site support on all continents. Our technically savvy sales and service professionals are among the leading consultants in the graphic arts industry and always strive for the optimal customer solution.

Muller Martini stands for:
  • Independence as a family-owned business
  • Expert knowledge of the value chain in the graphic arts industry
  • Swiss innovations and engineering
  • Extensive problem-solving and systems expertise
  • Proximity to customers and markets

Company data

Foundation 1946

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