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When You Own a High Speed Fully Automatic Hardcover Book Production Line

There is no doubt that hardcover bookbinding is the most complex of all bookbinding fields, and the Automatic Hardcover Book Production Line can make a thread-sewn book block into a perfect hardcover book with high efficiency and fully automatic, its function is so great that it is no less significant than the spacecraft that landed on the moon.

Please follow my footsteps to immerse yourself in how a hardcover book is produced fully automatical.

First, we will find a book block feeder, one operator just puts the blocks into the stack, and then the blocks can be split and pushed to feed one by one to the Automatic Book Block Preparation Line's pre-press station, it is a smart and functional machine for the bookbinding productions.

Now, that the sewn book block has been fed to the Pre Pressing station, the book block will go through 1 time back press and 2 times whole press with 30T mechanical pressure, to press and exhaust the air in the blocks, this is necessary to ensure the quality of the binding when making thick books.

Mechanical press ensures fast speed and pressure, compared with traditional hydraulic press, the hydraulic press has the risk of oil leakage and speed can not keep up; compared with pneumatic press, there will insufficient pressure, and the instantaneous pressure is a maximum of 2 tons and consumes a lot of compress air, not significant for exhaust the air.

The compact book block now is going through the vibrating table for block aligning, then arrive at the Twin End Sheet Lining Station, with the unique Thread Head Sucking Function, that prevents the thread into the back of blocks from causing defective products, the book block will side gluing by roller, two end sheets will be pasting at the same time.

Now the book block with end sheets will experience a fantastic trip, with the patented technology - Intelligent Block Distance Control System, book blocks with different sizes will equidistant enter the gluing stations, so that can keep a high-speed production, and save the spine paper usage.

According to the different requirements of book block making, for example, a notebook block with cold gluing and spine paper pasting, and a thin paper thick block, such as the dictionary, need cold gluing and hot-melt gluing both, so the gluing station supply the Block Thickness Detection for checking the signature missing or replicating, then the blocks going through the Immersing Cold Gluing Sets (optional equipment), then the Hot Air and Infrared Drying Line with water cooling cycle to dry the back of blocks, next, the blocks going through the Hot-Melt Gluing Sets (optional equipment) to solid the block back, to solid the blocks again, spine paper will be pasted on the back of blocks, even thoughtfully provided with Prevent Reversal Marking sets.

Until now, the block back gluing and spine paper pasting have been finished, book blocks will be split by the Servo Control Swing Head, to the Drying Deceleration Dual Channel to obtain sufficient drying, this will not affect the progression of subsequent processes such as three-sided cutting.

After drying, the finished book block will stay in the Dual Channel for the end press, the servo-driven Book Pushing function in the Dual Channel, to increase the pressing and compacting time for good quality.

The raw book blocks will be sent to the next machine - Three Sided Trimmer, two parallel knives, and one right-angle knife, used to trim three sides of a bound book simultaneously.

When exiting from the Three-Sided Trimmer, finished book blocks will be divided into two paths, one part will be sent to the Automatic Notebook Ribbon Inserting Machine, and the ribbon bookmarks will be inserted into book blocks automatically. Some other book blocks will skip this step, and then be sent to the hardcover casing in process.

With the Automatic High-Speed Hardcover Book Production Line, the operator uses the intelligent HMI control panel to control the whole line, book block rounding, backing, spine hot-melt gluing, gauzing, head and tail banding, all processes are completed sequentially during high-speed transmission, the finished book blocks are pushed onto the splitter sword and taken over by the transport wings, the continuous feeder takes the hardcover cases to joint and glue with endsheet of both book block sides, the book block and case are pressed together in the oil pressure clamp system, then into the preheat nipping system to finish.

Please note that this is not the end, then the hardcover books will be sent to the Hardcover Book Interleaving Pile Stacking Machine, stable and efficient stacking, one-second reversal, easy to change the stack size, up to 50 books per minute, the interleaving hardcover book stack will be easy to pile or pack.

Now we have the Automatic Book Stack Kraft Paper Packing Machine, to pack the book stack with kraft paper automatically, and one minute to change the different jobs automatically.

I think you'd like to put these book packs into boxes, yes we have, Book Case Packing Machine, that integrates the functions of carton box opening, putting the hardcover book stack into the carton box, and perfect closing of cartons with glue or adhesive tape, which can complete the whole process with 8-10 boxes per minute, only need one operator.

Wait, I think you still need a robot to help you pile all of the heavy boxes, yes we have one palletizing Robot that will carry all the boxes, and stack neatly on the bench as required.

It's not a science fiction movie, what you see is a fully intelligent and automatic hardcover bookbinding workshop, which already has been applied by more and more print companies.

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