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Vivid and Fiery, A Time Saving Partnership that Automates Job Workflows and Print Finishing

Fiery, LLC and Vivid Laminating Technologies today announced a new partnership to combine Fiery’s industry-leading digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow management software with Vivid’s cutting-edge print-finishing solutions. This collaboration helps transform print business by providing seamless, automated workflows from prepress to finishing. Digital cutsheet and large format printers will be able to save time, improve productivity, and diversify their business offerings through innovative finishing options.

"This partnership reflects our commitment to saving businesses time and resources from start to finish," said Lewis Evans, Commercial Director, Vivid Laminating Technologies. "The efficient solution allows businesses to improve job turnaround time and increase their daily workload."

The combination of Fiery workflow solutions and Vivid’s range of VeloBlade digital die cutting systems and flatbed taping systems provide print operators with an integrated, end-to-end solution for print job preparation and finishing setup. Fiery JobFlow™ automates the submission and job preparation processes, generating print-ready files complete with finishing instructions, registration marks, and QR codes to streamline the finishing process and reduce the need for rework. Customers can use Fiery JobFlow AI technology to improve image resolution and DPI for printing images for wide format prints. Additionally, Fiery Impose enhances efficiency by automating tasks such as gang-up layouts and booklet-making with customizable imposition templates available in one-click workflows via Fiery JobFlow. For print-to-cut jobs, Fiery Digital Factory provides true shape nesting and helps reduce material usage for an efficient use of spaces when nesting print and cut designs.  

This partnership goes hand in hand with Vivid’s ZipCore Packaging Suite, a CAD/CAM packaging software that optimizes every aspect of packaging design from start to finish. Fiery JobFlow performs essential job processing tasks in the ZipCore file instructions, including the CMYK and the Cut line file information. The combined solution helps businesses speed up and automate the everyday jobs of packaging designers, graphic designers, and salespeople involved in creating and producing packaging. This allows jobs to be produced at a much faster rate.

“We are excited to work with Vivid to develop this new industry-leading workflow,” commented Terry Garvey, Partner Alliance Director, Fiery. “The solution will deliver significant savings, reducing job preparation time to a few minutes and reducing media consumption by an average of 33% compared with traditional methods. This helps increase the profit per job with printers seeing a return on investment for Fiery JobFlow in a matter of months.”

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About Fiery LLC

Fiery, LLC is the leading provider of digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow solutions for the growing industrial and graphic arts print industries. With a customer base that includes over 2 million DFEs sold globally, the company offers innovative software and cloud-based technologies that deliver fast performance, stunning color, and exceptional print quality across a broad range of production printing devices.

Fiery DFEs are installed in a diverse range of industry segments, including commercial print, packaging, signs and display graphics, ceramics, building materials, textiles and other specialty applications. With over 30 years of excellent support and service, Fiery has built an unmatched community of customers, dealers and partners.

Vivid Laminating Technologies

Vivid Laminating Technologies are Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of multi-award-winning, patented print finishing systems. Since 1986, Vivid has pushed the boundaries of print finishing to the next level with its wide range of cutting-edge systems and premium supplies. Our aim has always been the same, to add value beyond print. We do this by thinking outside the box to create laminating and print finishing systems of the highest quality.

Vivid is committed to developing, improving, and upgrading its products to meet the ever-changing demand of the print industry. We believe that unique and eye-catching print sets a business apart and makes a lasting impression. To keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace, our highly experienced team work closely with our customers and partners. Ensuring everything we develop advances on what they’re already doing as well as making their lives easier and businesses better. We strive to empower our customers and partners to achieve the most impressive print finishing results in the most cost and time-effective manner. 

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