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Update on the further development of the Antalis creative paper portfolio


Conqueror has been around since 1888 and is one of the most recognized premium paper brands in the world.

Over the years, Conqueror has earned a reputation for its unique, subtle touch, first-class print reproduction and consistent production quality, as well as the stability and precision of its famous watermark.

Juan-Domingo Merino, Antalis Group Papers Marketing Director, explains: "As Conqueror has always been Arjowiggins' flagship paper, it was important for us to meet the historically evolved requirements of paper lovers. We made no compromises. Having acquired the brand and associated intellectual property, we were able to use exactly the same recipe as the original version, which is what makes Conqueror so special. Through numerous tests, we were able to achieve the optimum print quality for every color, fabric and finish across all stages of production. Supported by the technical experts at Arjowiggins, we are now confident that we can produce the original Conqueror perfectly in terms of feel, look, unsurpassed printability and print reproduction."

The refreshed Conqueror range will be available in three finishes Ribbed, Smooth and CX22 (super smooth) and six shades of white and cream. It will be available with or without the famous Conqueror watermark. For digital printing applications, thanks to a special treatment, there will be different formats that can also be used for laser and inkjet printing in companies.

"We have focused on the core of the range. For prestigious communication and other applications, matching envelopes in different formats will complete the collection," says Jérôme Noyelle, Creative Papers Market Manager. "We are also working on launching Conqueror Connoisseur later this year, based on 100% cotton. It will offer the stability and consistency of an industrial production process, but with the look and feel of a handmade paper," he adds.
The new Conqueror range as well as the matching sample tools will be available in the second quarter of the year.


A big favorite among designers, the Curious Collection is known for its bold, unconventional and innovative papers. Always at the forefront of what is current and relevant in the creative industry, the Curious Collection offers unique accents, new tactile impressions and at the same time delivers amazing print results.

The new Curious Collection will consist of 4 ranges: Curious Metallics, Curious Translucents, Curious Skin and Curious Matter. Curious Metallics is one of the most elegant design papers in the Curious Collection. With a surface that enhances the metallic shimmer effect, this range will offer a choice of 18 colors and 3 grammages in 120, 250 and 300 gsm. Curious Metallics will continue to exist as the perfect paper for unique and innovative communication.
"Many of Arjowiggins' competitors have tried to imitate Curious Metallics in the past, but none have been able to replicate its unique metallic shimmer effect. In close consultation with the former Arjowiggins paper experts and the new mill, we have now set up a production process that allows us to reproduce the collection almost identically. It took some time, but we are very pleased with the result," explains Xavier Jouvet, Group Papers & Visual Communication Business Director.

Curious Translucents is a range of high-quality clear and white translucent papers that are suitable for a high degree of customization and offer excellent print quality. Curious Translucents is the ideal alternative to synthetics, but also achieves spectacular results in combination with the luxury papers from the Curious Metallics range. It is available in 7 grammages (80, 90, 100, 110, 150, 210 and 320 g/m²).

Curious Skin is a refined paper that combines intense colors and a sensual touch to create modern and contemporary corporate documents. It has an anti-fingerprint treatment and is available in 5 basic colors and 3 grammages 135, 270, 380 g/m². This makes it the perfect choice for luxurious applications such as invitations or packaging.

Curious Matter offers a tactile and visual experience and is ideal for sophisticated business communications and creative productions. This ecologically developed paper is produced using an innovative process based on the starch contained in potato skins and will offer a silky, sand-like feel and intense, vibrant colors. Each color is named after a different potato variety, such as Goya White, Adiron Blue, Andina Grey, Black Truffle or Désirée Red, indicating the unique origin of the material. The collection will be available in 3 grammages (135, 270, 380 g/m²).

Matching envelopes will also be available for the Curious Collection.

The first social media posts have already been published via the Antalis headquarters in Paris to draw attention to the product innovations, with a lot of positive feedback from customers. Antalis is looking forward to launching the Olin range and the first sample tools in April. The aforementioned Curious Collection and Conqueror brands will follow. Product information on the Rives and Opale ranges will also be announced soon.

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