Univacco Technology Inc.

UNIVACCO Gives New Life to Waste Foil First to Accomplish Closed-Loop Recycling of Stamping Foil

A global leader in transfer films and stamping foils, UNIVACCO Technology Inc. has recently announced the successful development of a foil made from used foil. UNIVACCO is the first foil manufacturer to successfully achieve closed-loop recycling of stamping foil and has its patent application in process.

In response to the global call for lower carbon emissions and sustainability, UNIVACCO has integrated the industrial supply chain to form a sustainable technology platform. This allows products to be designed with the circular economy in mind, so that foil is no longer a source of production waste. In this process, Univacco will use its own generated scrap foil which will undergo, reprocessing, depolymerization, and repolymerization to create resins. The resins are then added into the new foil coating formula to produce recycled foil. This circularity reduces our carbon footprint, allows limited resources to be used more efficiently, and helps perpetuate the cycle of reuse.

At the same time, UNIVACCO has performed numerous trials to ensure that the quality and stamping performance of the new recycled foil match those of existing stamping foils. Results show that the recycled foil proves to be just as excellent at embellishing the packaging of various products, such as food products, medical products, and other household goods.

Sustainability is an issue of strategic importance. UNIVACCO has acted in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by continuously investing in pioneering research, development, and resources. In addition, UNIVACCO has conducted thorough reviews of the value chain to find ways to improve research and development, manufacturing, and operations. By doing so, UNIVACCO hopes to provide the stamping foil industry with solutions for sustainability.

UNIVACCO CEO Bruce Lee stated, "UNIVACCO has always done its utmost to implement eco-friendly manufacturing, reduce plastic use, and lower carbon emissions. Our products meet the standards of EN13432, a certification for de-inking and composability. The successful closed-loop recycling of stamping foil is not only an achievement for UNIVACCO, but also a milestone for businesses along the entire value-chain, including end users in decoration, packaging, and labeling."

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