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The new 2024 Release of EngView Package & Display Designer is now available!

We are excited to provide EngView Package & Display Designer users with new features and functionalities to better manage the packaging design and production process.

The 2024 release highlights the EngView Parametric Library, which has a brand-new design and numerous new functionalities and improvements in terms of usability and searchability. We also have new functionalities in the Layout, the 3D animation export, and Shared Space! Saving time and manual work has always been a priority for us, and we strive to excel with every new update.

Adopting the continuous delivery policy allows us to release new developments throughout the whole year the moment they are ready. So, these new features are only the beginning for 2024!

EngView Parametric Library redesign
You can now find all packaging and display templates in a single online space. We redesigned the library for a better user experience when browsing the templates.

2D and 3D view 

At any time while browsing the library, you can switch between 2D or 3D view. This gives you a quick glimpse at what the structure looks like in its design and folded states. Depending on the choice you make, just pointing to a structure's preview immediately visualizes the alternative view.

Similar templates

When you open a template, the interface has been improved showing not only the template that was selected but also includes similar templates that have small structural differences.  These hints shorten the time when searching the database for a structure.

Improved searchability 
Searching for structures is now much more straightforward - just type a code or a specific characteristic and explore the results.

Open templates directly from previews (save a click)

When you locate the structure you need, you can open it directly in EngView Package & Display Designer or Adobe Illustrator from its preview, without opening its Index file.

New parametric templates

We expanded our Parametric Library with 176 templates in the Packaging Structures section - 163 for folding carton and 13 for corrugated board, and 15 new structures in the Displays and Furniture section.

EngView Layout New Functionalities

Nesting on rolled materials
When creating layouts, you can now do the nesting on a new material type - rolled material. Using rolled materials produces leftover material, which you can use in subsequent jobs.

Material store catalogue: Keeping track of available materials
EngView now keeps track of the remaining material when creating layouts on rolled materials. These are stored in the materials store catalogue that updates automatically after each completed nesting job to reflect the changed amount of layout material.

3D and Shared Space New Functionalities

You can now export any 3D model from EngView Packaging Suite as a .mp4 file format and experience the animated folding sequence. You can use it to upload the video on your website or use it on social media channels.
On EngView Shared Space, you can now add to your own collection a 3D Model shared with you by another user. Create your own collection with 3D models of your choice and browse through them easily when needed.

We start 2024 with a more powerful version of EngView Packaging Suite with the aim to make the work of designers and professionals in the packaging and display industry easier and less time-consuming, and the whole packaging design process – more automated and efficient!

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