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The World’s Lightest Heat‐Sealable Packaging Paper: Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure Weighs In at Just 36 gsm

Koehler Paper, a Koehler Group company, has launched the world’s lightest heat‐sealable flexible packaging paper—Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure 36 gsm. Despite its low grammage, Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure 36 gsm has high strength and isideal for further processing on commercially available packaging machines for horizontal packaging formats, such as flow packs and wrapping paper. The paper’s outstanding surface makes it suitable for flexographic, digital, and gravure printing.

“Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure 36 gsm” is the ideal basis for primary or secondary packaging for food and non-food products

The low grammage of Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure 36 gsm helps to reduce the use of materials in its production, saving valuable resources without having to compromise on essential properties for packaging paper. "The biggest challenge with production was the speed, as it was crucial that the paper remained stable at this speed, not only on our paper and coating machines but also on our customers’ packaging machines. Through a combination of our cutting-edge production line 8 in Kehl and our colleagues’ expertise in the Flexible Packaging Paper division, we were able to bring this paper onto the market,” explains Joachim Uhl, Koehler Paper Mill Director at Kehl. Its low opacity means that the paper is already being used to package brochures for mailing. “You can see what’s inside the packaging or scan a QR code through it. This is what makes Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure 36 gsm so attractive for the mailing of brochures. The fact that we use 100 percent certified virgin fiber pulp in production means that the paper is also suitable for food packaging and is already being used as secondary packaging,” says Christoph Wachter, Director of the Flexible Packaging Paper division at Koehler Paper, as he explains the applications of this flexible packaging paper.

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