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Study: RETHINK. PRINT. - An independently conducted study analyzes the importance of Print in Product Communication.

[Duisburg, September 2023] - The recently published study "Rethink. Print." by SIMIO, an independent consulting and analyst company specializing in the German-speaking region and the topic of product communication, reveals new insights into the current status of print in the communications industry. The study was carried out on the initiative of the priint Group | WERK II GmbH and partner companies Laudert, Parsionate and SDZeCOM.

The study is based on personal interviews and a comprehensive online survey covering the trade and industry group with a focus on managing directors, marketing managers and product managers. It analyzes the development of perceptions of print media in today's world and finds that many communications managers regard print as outdated and no longer relevant for today's world.

SIMIO points out that current strategic decisions by companies, such as those in furniture and food retailing, reflect this view. It is emphasized that this is not due to the print product itself, but rather to the changed need to tailor information specifically and individually to the needs of customers.

The study highlights that print media can play a decisive role at the right moment of the purchase decision. In particular, the multisensory effects of print, such as haptics, olfaction and acoustics, can reinforce the brand and product image on an emotional level.

Another important aspect that the study explores is the importance of the customer journey. It emphasizes that the evaluation of a single media channel within the customer journey is not sufficient. Instead, it is crucial to consider the effect of individual touchpoints in interaction with other channels in order to optimize the overall impression from the customer's perspective.

The results of the online survey reflects interesting trends:

  • 90% see potential in process automation for print publication production.
  • The acceptance of PDF publications varies depending on the target group and distribution platforms.
  • Knowledge of the target group's information needs remains incomplete for 54% of respondents.
  • Only 33% use cluster brochures for a more individual customer approach.
The study "Rethink Print." makes clear that print remains relevant in today's communications landscape, but that it needs to be adapted to the individual needs of target groups and integrated into a holistic customer journey. If these challenges are overcome, print can once again become an effective ambassador for brands and products.

The study is available in German, English and French

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