Applied Laser Engineering Ltd.

Recent upgrade of a competitors laser engraving system at Global Flexo, Poland.

ALE has a 30-year history of upgrades to its systems, ensuring continuity and system longevity.

We recently upgraded a competitors laser engraving system at our customers site (Global Flexo in Poland) with our own Fibretronics significantly improving the capabilities of the old system.

In this modern world of environmental responsibility, it is better to recycle, reuse, or repurpose, rather than to always dispose of and replace with new. For example, a good quality machine bed will last 50 years. Standard motors, drives and encoders can also easily be reused because of the “open system” generic interfaces of our Fibretronics.

Excerpt from Global Flexo, "We would like to inform you that the installation of another upgraded engraving line, in cooperation with Applied Laser Engineering Ltd, has been completed - thank you for the excellent work done! After testing and implementation into production, the new device significantly increased the production capacity of GLOBAL Flexo, which has a positive impact on the quality of the offered products and shortens order execution times. This is the next step in the adopted investment strategy in our production plant and enterprise development, aimed at consistently building a solid market position of GLOBAL Flexo as a global supplier of dosing cylinders and sleeves."

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