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Rainbow Crossmedia: Driving Innovation in the Print Industry

The PrintVis Implementation Partner, Rainbow Crossmedia, boasts a team of highly skilled individuals specializing in PrintVis. But what motivated Rainbow to focus solely on the print industry? Here, we delve into the story behind the Dutch company’s decision and explore the opportunities it has unlocked.

The Journey to Specialization
According to Hans Boerkamp, Managing Director at Rainbow Crossmedia, there were three pivotal reasons behind Rainbow Solutions’ strategic decision:

Customer-Centric Approach: Rainbow is driven by a passion for enhancing the business processes of their clients. This requires a deep understanding of both IT and the unique demands of the print industry.
Market Dynamics: The printing industry is renowned for its constant evolution. Automation is crucial for staying ahead of rapid changes, making specialized solutions like PrintVis invaluable.
Platform Synergy: Embracing Microsoft’s platform alongside the embedded, specialized industry solution PrintVis was a natural fit for Rainbow. This synergy solidified their commitment to the print sector.

Seizing Opportunities
Specializing in the print industry has opened numerous doors for Rainbow Crossmedia. “It took a few years, but we have reached the point where we are on the shortlist of most printing companies that are looking for a new solution” says Hans Boerkamp.

Their specialization has also enabled them to attract top talent from within the industry, further strengthening their capabilities. And with a dedicated team Rainbow Solutions can consistently deliver innovative solutions to their clients, setting them apart in the market.

“At Rainbow Crossmedia we are with 11 people, who all focus only on PrintVis implementations and optimizations after a first go-live. Most of the employees have experience from working at our competitors in the past or have worked in the print industry in various roles” Hans explains.

Milestones and Achievements
Rainbow Solutions takes pride in achieving some significant milestones: They have successfully penetrated various segments within the print industry, catering to commercial print, labels, packaging, and large format/signage.

Their documented implementation methodology ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget, maximizing success rates and customer satisfaction.

Central to their success is Rainbow’s holistic approach by combining their IT skills with an in-depth understanding of printing processes, so they are able to offer a comprehensive solution tailored to each client’s needs. They strive to continually enhance their clients’ businesses through ongoing support and innovation.

Looking Ahead: Drupa 2024
Like many others in the print industry, Rainbow Crossmedia is gearing up for Drupa, the world’s largest print industry trade fair. As seasoned attendees, they recognize the value of staying abreast of market trends and networking with industry peers. For Rainbow Solutions, Drupa isn’t just an event—it’s an opportunity to fuel their commitment to driving innovation within the print sector. As Hans explains: “As an industry specialist we want to know what is happening in the market, what are the trends – and what does that mean for our knowledge, implementations and customers.”

You can meet PrintVis at Drupa in booth no. 70B01 in Hall 7.

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