Planatol Adhesive application systems: Part of DRUPA history

Tradition and Innovation 

At Planatol, our heritage is deeply rooted in the pioneering spirit and innovation that have characterized our journey since the early days of adhesive application technology. Since presenting our very first machine building innovation -a binding machine for threadless bookbinding- at the first ever DRUPA in 1951, we have been committed to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of our customers' operations through cutting-edge solutions. This commitment led us to introduce the first longitudinal gluing equipment for fold-gluing in rotary printing presses in 1963, marking a significant milestone in the printing industry. By 1983, we further solidified our position as industry innovators with the installation of the first cross-web gluing equipment in a rotary printing press. These landmark achievements have paved the way for our current suite of solutions, including the Cold Gluing and Fold Gluing systems, each meticulously designed to meet the specific application needs of our clients.

Planatol Cold Gluing Systems

Our Cold Gluing systems stand as a testament to our ongoing dedication to precision and adaptability. Engineered for a wide array of industrial applications, these systems deliver cold glue with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. The integration flexibility of our cold gluing technology into diverse production lines—encompassing packaging, labeling, and printing—underscores our commitment to providing versatile and consistent high-quality adhesive application solutions.

The ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements of the Planatol Cold Gluing system are pivotal in ensuring smooth operations with limited downtime. Its precision in application not only curtails waste but also optimizes costs and bolsters the sustainability of the production process, making it an optimal choice for businesses aiming to elevate their operational efficiency while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Planatol Fold Gluing Systems

Our journey from the first presentation at DRUPA to the development of our Fold Gluing systems epitomizes the innovation and customer-centric approach Planatol is renowned for. These systems, designed to meet the exigent speeds required by modern folding carton production lines, assure flawless application and swift processing. The 10NET system, a highlight of our fold gluing offerings, embodies our commitment to efficiency and reliability, providing a comprehensive solution for high-volume folding carton manufacturing. Its adaptability to various production demands, while ensuring top-notch output, marks the 10NET as a key player in our fold gluing solutions portfolio.

A Legacy of Innovation and Customer Focus

Our historical milestones—starting with the presentation at the first DRUPA in 1951, through the introduction of the first longitudinal and cross-web gluing equipment—reflect Planatol's enduring commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. These achievements are not just part of our past; they fuel our present and future endeavors to lead the adhesive application technology industry.

As we look ahead, Planatol remains steadfast in our commitment to advancing technology and broadening our product offerings. We continue to strive toward providing our customers with the tools necessary for enhancing their productivity, reducing costs, and realizing their operational goals. With Planatol's Cold Gluing and Fold Gluing systems, businesses gain access to the apex of adhesive application technology, poised to thrust their operations into a new era of efficiency and success, underpinned by a legacy of pioneering innovation and a deep-seated dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

We look forward to personally presenting our systems and our company at DRUPA. Visit us in Hall 14 at Booth D65.

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