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Perfect stacking with the FKS/C.P. Bourg Perfect Stacker

New technical developments and the interlinking of production and information technology make it possible to achieve previously impossible things and use our time more productively.
Modular designs and flexibility are playing an increasingly important role in this. The FKS/C.P. Bourg BB3002 perfect binder and FKS/C.P. Bourg BM-e booklet maker fit perfectly into existing workflows. Both systems can be expanded with additional modules, so that additional operator intervention is reduced to a minimum. The new FKS/C.P. Bourg Perfect Stacker BPS automates and simplifies the stacking process considerably. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone re-stacking.

Particularly in combination with the FKS/C.P. Bourg BPM sheet preparation module, there are further possibilities for optimally rounding off book and brochure production. The one or two upstream BPMs offer flexible production options, as they prepare the sheet for the next work steps as required.
In the following one or two BPSs, the now prepared sheets are stacked for further processing on an external system. Depending on requirements, this can take place in a stack or in separate stacks, for example, sorted by type. As soon as the stacking capacity is reached, the stack is moved upwards and is ready for simple and, above all, ergonomic collection by the operator. Meanwhile, stacking continues in the second BPS. As soon as a stack has been collected, the table moves back to the BPS.

The modular options are many and varied. It is possible to work in-line, near-line and in dual mode. One or two BPSs can be placed behind one or two BPMs or behind a Bourg sheet feeder BSF and BPMs. With an in-line C.P. Bourg system, the sheet runs through the BPS and is finished at the BB3202 or BM-e.

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