Widinovations, Lda.

PME Excelência for the 2nd consecutive year and PME leader for the 6th consecutive year

With increased honor and pride, Widinovations received the news that it had renewed its status as PME Excelência, a distinction it received for the 2nd consecutive year, and as PME Líder, an award it received for the 6th straight year.

These results are the outcome, above all, of the unique teamwork carried out by our employees to whom Widinovations extends a public thank you for all their dedication and selflessness to this project and to all our partners, distributors, and customers for all the trust.

What do the statutes refer to: PME Líder and PME Excelência?
The PME Líder status was launched by IAPMEI (Institute for Support to Small and Medium-sized Companies and Innovation in Portugal) in 2008 to distinguish companies with exceptional performance profiles, giving them increased notoriety and allowing the company to differentiate itself even more in its relations with the market.

What to expect in an award-winning company?
In addition to a series of assumptions, the company must demonstrate that it pursues growth strategies that reinforce its competitive base and have high performance and financial strength. Human metrics (such as the number of workers), financial and economic metrics relating, for example, to business volume, financial autonomy, the net return on equity, net financial debt/EBITDA, EBITDA/Assets, EBITDA/Business Volume, turnover growth, and risk rating are some matters evaluated.

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