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The quality of pharmaceutical and healthcare products is not only determined by their content, but also by their packaging. The requirements in this sector are among the most demanding. With cartonboard from MM Board & Paper, your product is packaged in an appealing, safe and more sustainable way.

We are delighted to introduce our unique portfolio of high-quality cartonboard solutions, ranging from GC virgin fibre to GD recycled grades. These products have been specially designed to cater to the needs of the pharma and healthcare segment and make an important contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Our virgin fibre cartonboard qualities are produced with fibres from certified sustainably managed forests, while our recycled grades are made from only carefully selected secondary fibres.


  • Unique product portfolio ranges from virgin to recycled fibre cartonboard
  • High supply security and short delivery routes due to the geographically favourable locations of our mills, ensuring continuous and timely supply
  • Ideal surface properties for perfect Braille embossing and good printing and embellishing (e.g. cold & hot foil)
  • Optimal codability (inkjet and laser) enables 2D Datamatrix codes to EU Standard and 1D China codes for verifying the authenticity of a medicine and guaranteeing complete product traceability
  • Consistent quality guarantees uniform printing and converting experience, an efficient packaging procedure and the same shelf appearance at all times
  • High efficiency in packaging production and suitable for high-speed packing lines
The MM Pharma Portfolio offers a sustainable solution for your segment-specific packaging needs. We look forward to providing you with our high-quality products - Your 1st Choice for Pharma Packaging Solutions!

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