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Launching All-in-one Web2Print V5.1: Powerful Quotation and CPQ Module with Enhanced Ordering Experience

Design’N’Buy is committed to driving innovation and implementing the most current technology for printers. Our team is proud to present the latest version of our all-in-one web to print software, complete with a variety of exciting enhancements. With version 5.1, businesses can take advantage оf exceptional quoting flexibility and a more streamlined workflow process, empowering them to achieve even greater success.

This version’s significant focus is on enhancing the Quotation Module, but it also includes other noteworthy upgrades, such as dynamic die-line generation, simplified product page setup, and InDesign template import. These additions demonstrate the company’s dedication to providing businesses of all sizes with the most user-friendly and feature-packed web-to-print experience possible.

All-in-One Web2Print Software: Major Enhancements and Features

Let us explore the remarkable new features and enhancements incorporated in this latest version in greater detail.

Generating Quotations Has Never Been Simpler

The Quotation Module for AIODW2P provides a seamless platform for customers to request quotes for products effortlessly. With this module, customers can create quotes for either individual products or multiple products simultaneously. The submitted quotes can be viewed, managed and converted to orders by the admin.

Additionally, submitted quotations can be downloaded as a PDF, edited, approved, оr converted tо orders by the admin. Approved quotes can be accessed and converted to orders by the customer.

Quotation Module now offers three convenient ways for customers to request quotes:

1. Global Quotation Request:
Customers can request quotes for multiple products simultaneously through a dedicated “Request a Quote” button in the header. This option is ideal for businesses with extensive product catalogs оr customers seeking comprehensive quotes.

2. Individual Product Quotation:
For a more focused approach, customers can request quotes directly from specific product detail pages. This allows them to quickly and easily obtain pricing for their desired items. 

3. File Upload Quotation:
Design’N’Buy empowers customers to upload their artwork and request a quote for printing, eliminating the need for manual product configuration. This is a perfect solution for businesses offering custom printing services.

Dynamic Die-Line Generation

Dielines are an indispensable tool for packaging designers that demonstrate how the final product should be cut and assembled. AIOW2P v5.1 offers a dynamic dieline generation feature based on custom sizes for packaging products. Customers may utilize the generated dielines as-is. This version also provides customers with the ability to upload their designed artwork onto the generated die-lines and order prints.

Key Features:

  • Download the die-line for a packaging product as a PDF file from the design studio.
  • Create artwork оn the downloaded file using any preferred external designing software.
  • Upload the print-ready designed file using the “Upload Files” feature and order prints.

Enhanced Template Browsing
To improve page loading times and user experience, Design’N’Buy introduced two new template browsing options: Classic View and Next Page View. This empowers users to find the perfect template effortlessly, regardless of their technical expertise.

  • Classic View – The product templates will remain below the products on the product detail page.
  • Next Page View – The templates will load on the subsequent page after clicking the “Browse Templates” button. This approach will enhance user experience by simplifying the display and reducing load times.
Simplified Admin Product Page

Streamlining product creation, Design’N’Buy allows admins to pre-configure common features like layouts, clipart, artwork and backgrounds for specific product lines. This reduces setup time and presents a more intuitive interface for product creation.

Key features:
  • Administrators can control the features available for product creation on the Product Page Setup
  • Product creation is simplified and only displays the relevant configured features rather than all the features.
  • InDesign Templates Import
  • Catering to professional designers, Design’N’Buy now integrates with Adobe InDesign. Users can create designs  in InDesign and export them  as compatible SVG templates for use within the platform, bridging the gap between professional design tools and web to print accessibility.
Key Features:

  • Adobe InDesign Studio templates can now be imported into Template Builder.
  • Customers can create designs using InDesign Studio and export them as DESIGN’N’BUY web to print compatible SVG files.
  • These SVG files can be imported into the template builder and utilized as design templates for product creation.
Constant Improvisation

While AIOW2P V5.1 introduces exciting new features like streamlined quoting and dynamic die-line generation, it also elevates the user experience through a series of meticulous improvements to existing functionalities. Action buttons оn product details pages have been redesigned and enhanced for greater clarity and intuitive interaction. Experience effortless navigation.

At DesignNBuy, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the printing industry. That’s why we are constantly researching and implementing new technologies to ensure that our clients have access to the most innovative tools and features available. With version 5.1, we are confident that our clients will be able to achieve their printing goals more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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