Bagel Systems S.L.

Introducing Digifav B2 Double Side

Bagel Systems presents Digifav B2 Double Side; the equipment designed to laminate B2 double-sided sheets at the speed of light!

This new model is undoubtedly the most advanced solution to date; it has 2 sets of core laminating rollers; one specialized to the upper side of the printed sheets and the other to the bottom side of it.

This configuration clears any sort of bottle necks, allows maximum speed and it reduces by half the time spent in production.

The heating rollers have a state-of-the-art oil heating system. Oil is a clearly for us a distinctive element of quality, since it provides ultra-stable and homogeneous temperature, savings in energy consumption and protects and prolongs the life of the heating rollers internal elements.

Moreover, Digifav B2 Double Side brings the best features of the Digifav B2 base model and technological innovations that will not leave you indifferent; a more versatile decurling system, ultra-precise film tension and greater ergonomics.

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