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HP PageWide Users Approach One Trillion Page Milestone and Unlock Profitable and Sustainable Growth with Latest Innovations

New Enhancements to HP PageWide Web Inkjet Portfolio Unlocks Strong Customer Growth with Increased Productivity, Versatility and Next Level Automation

HP PageWide Web Presses, an industry pioneer in inkjet technology for over 40 years, use HP’s proprietary Thermal Inkjet Technology to deliver offset-class productivity and quality with the benefits of digital printing across publishing, production mail, and commercial print. Continuing with HP’s commitment to provide tools for its customers to grow and capture more of the digital printing opportunity, HP’s latest enhancements to its PageWide Web Inkjet portfolio solve production challenges to unlock profitable and sustainable growth for its customers with increased productivity, versatility, and next level automation.  
OneTrillion Printed Pages on HP PageWide  
HP is thrilled to announce that its PageWide Industrial inkjet press customers around the global are nearing the 1 trillion letter-sized page milestone across publishing, production mail, commercial print and packaging, since the installation of the first PageWide Web Inkjet press in 2009i . These digitally printed pages are typically printed to order and more efficiently than traditional offset print processes, reducing waste and excess inventories. “Since committing to inkjet technology in 2010, Rodona has exclusively used HP PageWide Inkjet presses for printing books. Today, inkjet printing has transformed, and so have we, continuously learning and adapting. HP supports us in producing higher quality books at greater speeds,” according to Alberto Senosiain, CEO, Rodona, Spain. 
This milestone is testament to the productivity and reliability of HP PageWide web inkjet technology, which is transforming the industry, shifting print from offset to digital, and unlocking sustainable and profitable growth for HP customers across the globe. “With HP PageWide inkjet web presses, we are able to optimize our environmental impact, while expanding our businesses and creating innovations, new products and experiences, both for our transactional and direct marketing activities,” says Loïc Lefebvre, Executive Vice-President, Data One, Groupe Diffusion Plus.  
The HP PageWide Web PressT485 HD Continues to Drive Marketplace Digital Transformation

The HP PageWide T485 HD is a market leading inkjet 42” (1,07 mt) web press which delivers a true alternative to offset production, capable of producing over 20,000 duplex B1 sheets per hourii, accelerating the transition from offset to digital printing. With over 10 presses either installed new or upgraded to the latest generation, the HP PageWide T485 HD, the adoption of this game-changing press is growing rapidly. This is a testament to the trust HP customers are placing in this field proven printing solution. 
According to Kevin Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, SG360, USA, “At SG360, we are significantly accelerating our adoption of full digital production and recently added the HP PageWide T485 HD inkjet press to our current fleet of two HP PageWide Advantage 2200 digital presses and multiple HP Indigo 100K digital presses. We consider HP a strong technology partner and given the trust we have built together, we see the 42-inch platform as providing leading productivity and economics to expand our digital footprint and customer offerings.”  
“The HP PageWide T485 HD provides the operational effectiveness of digital while delivering color and quality that nearly matches offset printing, ultimately allowing us to produce publications much more cost effectively. It’s the next generation of digital web printing, which represents a new benchmark for the industry” stated James Llewellyn, Director of Manufacturing and Distribution, BJU Press.  
The HP PageWide T485 HD Web Press is part of the next generation of digital web printing that provides the operational effectiveness of digital while delivering color and quality that rivals offset, ultimately allowing companies to print more economically. “Since 2009, we have worked with our customers to invest in innovations to help them grow with confidence and collectively reach their first one trillion printed pages. The strong market acceptance of our 42-inch inkjet web platform and the introduction of the new HP PageWide Plus Package delivers on our commitment to enable our customers to confidently unlock profitable and sustainable growth," said Yale Goldis, Head of HP PageWide Commercial Products and Solutions.  
HP PageWide Plus Package delivers 60% speed improvementiii, intelligent automation and versatility 

The new HP PageWide Plus Packageiv, has been designed to deliver next-level productivity and efficiency through speed enhancements and automation technologies. Expanding the application versatility for the HP PageWide Advantage 2200, the press allows printers to capture more opportunities and produce more applications in the growing market of inkjet direct mail and general commercial with the ability to print on heavier media. 
With the latest innovation, HP customers are equipped to be future ready, with HP solutions that deliver high productivity, versatility, and next level automation, designed with the users and businesses in mind, enabling printers to unlock profitable growth. This includes Performance Economy Color (EC) Mode, Smart Workcell Controller and On Press Color Profiling, all of which heighten the efficiency of the production floor. The HP PageWide Plus Package enhancements are available to all HP PageWide customers.  
Performance Economy Color (EC) Mode: Offers print quality customers require while using less color ink and a faster turnaround time with a 60% increase in productivityv up to 800 fpm (244 mpm)vi. Customers are already seeing the benefits as, Loïc Lefebvre, Executive Vice-President, Data One, Groupe Diffusion Plus started “With Performance EC mode we can deliver time critical applications faster and more competitive as well as meet tighter and shorter SLA’s”. Additionally, Jonathan Wallace, President, Wallace Graphics said “Our investment in HP PageWide Advantage 2200 is a strategic investment for Wallace Graphics and propelled our business forward. We have noted a significant speed to market increase and are delighted to have found a partner in HP that ensures we have the smoothest operations possible, one that empowers us to scale our company”.    
Smart Workcell Controller: A powerful intelligent automation tool that enhances workflow flexibility that tackles variable and unpredictable general commercial print and publishing work, while leveraging the power and speed of a roll-fed inkjet production line. It can deliver productivity improvements of up to a factor of 15xvii, “We are excited to implement the new HP PageWide Smart Workcell Controller, which will help us intelligently automate the scheduling and batching of a complex and diverse array of job types. We expect this new tool from HP to significantly increase the operational efficiency and productivity of our HP PageWide Advantage 2200,” according to Tony Smithson, VP of Operations, Thysse.  
On Press Color Profiling: Significantly reduces the amount of time required for color profiling to less than 5 minutes, one tenth of the time this would normally takeviii. “Our team is amazed at how much faster and easier it is to create an ICC profile and have completed several new profiles already.  One profile we generated delivered ink savings with no loss in quality, which will save us money going forward.  We see significant value going forward in being able to quickly develop new profiles for a range of applications and use cases.  Overall, the new Plus Package with On-Press Color Profiling is a big win for us” said Tony Smithson, VP of Operations, Thysse.  
Additional Enhancements for the HP PageWide Advantage 2200  

HP also announced two new additional capabilities expanding the versatility of the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 web inkjet press including heavier media expansionix, enabling printers to use thicker substrates allowing them to capture more high value jobs up to 320 gsm/18ptx, and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR): Enabling printers to capture more specialty jobs and grow their business.  
At drupa 2024, HP members of the global print community will see firsthand eight automated production lines equipped with the latest innovation across HP Industrial, involving over 25 partner companies and incorporating more than 20 unique automation solutions. 
HP has been a digital transformation leader for more than 40 years, and its digital printing technology has established the gold standard in commercial print and labels and packaging production and innovation. For more information about HP at drupa 2024, please visit HP Industrial's Official social media hub via LinkedIn HP Digital Print, and see HP innovation for yourself at drupa 2024 in Hall 17.  
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