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HP Indigo leads the market across industries

Q: HP Indigo was a pioneer in digital printing. Back at drupa 2008, your company referred to the digital transformation. Where do we stand today? 
A: HP Indigo has been at the forefront of the digital transformation, consistently delivering the innovative solutions necessary to realize this vision. Our fundamental Liquid ElectroPhotographic (LEP) printing technology, combined with an extensive range of solutions and the most diverse partner ecosystem in the industry, are continuously advancing the five vectors that are essential for achieving digital transformation in our industry: Quality, Versatility, Productivity, Cost and Sustainability. 
The outcome of the transformation can be quantified by the number of HP Indigo presses installed and the success of these customers. Across Commercial Printing and Labels & Packaging, nearly 8000 presses are up and currently running, enabling printers and converters to print in ways not possible before. 
Q: Do you see the same patterns across all industry segments? 
A: Each industry has its own dynamics. Within the commercial space, HP Indigo remains the industry standard as you stated earlier, and in the B2 format, the HP Indigo presses are the world’s bestselling digital machines, with more than 1,000 presses installed. 
In labels we enjoy a 54% market share (according to IDC), and nearly 2,400 presses installed make HP Indigo’s digital printing industry the standard for digital label production. Numerous partners develop solutions that integrate with the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press, and we have recently announced the game-changing HP Indigo V12 Digital Press. 
In flexible packaging, HP Indigo holds the only field proven technology, with more than 90% market share, according to IDC. With nearly 400 presses installed, the production of short runs in flexible packaging is now a reality, reducing delivery time from weeks to days and giving a voice to small and medium brands. 
Last but not least, the HP Indigo 35K represents the largest installed base in digital folding carton. More than 80 presses help converters maximize their entire production. Like in other industry segments, short runs have been growing steadily.  

Q: What’s next? 
A: The developments of HP Indigo have propelled the digital transformation forward, pushing boundaries with a determination that guides us into the future. The committed pursuit of our R&D department and our solid partnership alliances highlight HP's capabilities which are evident in the LEPx technology deployed in the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, disrupting the label market. Our dedication to innovation toward intelligent factories is fortified by our continually evolving LEP and LEPx technologies, as well as the PrintOS Suite of data-driven software solutions. All in all, our portfolio keeps developing with the industry, offering our customers new business opportunities and a chance for profitable growth. 

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