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HP Accelerates Sustainable Impact at drupa with Print for a Cause initiative

HP’s Print for a Cause supports local social and climate-based projects, whilst moving forward in its forest initiative by planting up to 10,000 trees in Germany

At this year’s drupa 2024, HP Inc. reaffirmed its commitment to being the world’s most sustainable and just technology company. During the largest tradeshow in the world taking place in Dusseldorf, HP is exhibiting its latest Printing innovations while redefining the sustainability of tradeshows through the luanch of the Print for a Cause intiative, taking action to support social and climate challenges and is rooted in HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy. 
“We are on a mission to de-carbonize the print industry and make a positive impact through innovation and collaboration. We have set an ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. This applies to everything we do, including our participation at tradeshows. We’re using drupa to redefine sustainability of these events applying data-based reduction measures, but also finding ways to make a positive impact into people and communities. We are do so by leveraging our installed printing capacity, supporting social and environmental initiatives in cooperation with local organizations”, says Joan Perez Pericot, HP VP Industrial Print Strategy and Sustainability. 
Climate action  
“Partnership with non-profit Climate Fresk increases public understanding of climate change”, explains Joan Perez Pericot. “This partnership is part of HP’s Climate Action goal to achieve 50% reduction in absolute value chain GHG emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2040. Through this partnership, HP has facilitated climate change awareness workshops and created educational materials for 10,000+ of people in France and Germany”.   
Planting a forest, together 
HP is also making a positive impact at drupa by collaborating with the Arbor Day Foundation on a local reforestation project in Königshain, Leipzig, and Freiberg areas in Germany. “We are thrilled with this initiative. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of print's forest first initiative, we will plant 10,000 trees, embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability”, says Joan Perez Pericot. This endeavor will be communicated through an impressive 18-meter-long wall at our booth, showcasing HP's forest initiative and its profound impacts. “We invite visitors to join us by scanning and planting together, making a tangible difference for our planet." 
Printing for social impact 
HP is working with different entities to contribute to inclusivity in local communities. While supporting Dusseldorf homeless charity fiftyfifty, HP is printing live at drupa over 20,000 magazines and newspapers and 10,000 2025 calendars that will be sold on the streets by individuals experiencing homelessness, giving them opportunity to earn their living. The partnership allows the charity to save production costs and invest the saved budget into housing for people in Dusseldorf.  
The cooperation is not limited to the trade fair, as HP will also take over the printing of the fiftyfifty annual calendars for 2026. The production of the magazines can be followed live on 30 May at 1pm at the HP stand A01-1 - A01-9 in Hall 17. 
HP has forged a longstanding alliance with the esteemed organization NABU, renowned for its tech-powered efforts to promote multilingual children's literature and address the global literacy crisis. Together, we have propelled digital equity by providing access to mother tongue books for refugees and communities in social exclusion risk. Through the NABU reading app and web reader, individuals can freely access a wealth of books, while physical copies are also distributed within local communities. This partnership has enabled us to accelerate child literacy and positively impact the lives of numerous individuals, reaching 6M people across the world. 
Following up this long-term partnership, HP will provide over 3,000 books printed during drupa for Ukraine refugees and Romanian communities, supporting digital inclusion for children. 

HP is also supporting the local community in Dusseldorf by collaborating with ReDI School of Digital Integration, a non-profit tech school that provides migrants and marginalized individuals free and equitable access to digital education. At drupa, HP will print using sustainable materials and signages, banners, posters, decorative material to support ReDi at their educational activities and other events. 
Making future tradeshows more sustainable 
HP is leveraging the learnings and approach from drupa to enhance the environmental friendliness of future tradeshows. The impact of tradeshows like Dscoop (251 KgCO2/sqm/day) and Labelexpo Europe (52 KgCO2/sqm/day) has been measured, setting a target of 52 KgCO2/sqm/day for drupa. HP has also implemented reduction measures, including a significant decrease in equipment (56->12), space (6000->4500sqm), and staff (650->400) compared to 2016. Furthermore, a lean booth design is being adopted, along with reduced use of carpet and the preference for locally rented walls, furniture, and screens that can be reused. Elimination of single-use materials in the canteen and booth, as well as waste reduction through renting and recycling, are also part of HP efforts. As Joan Perez Pericot aptly puts it, “drupa is the first of many. We want to leverage this approach and define a blueprint that redefines the sustainability of tradeshows". 
About HP  
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