HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG

HELL Gravure Systems at the Drupa 2024

With its HelioKlischograph, Cellaxy and PremiumSetter engraving systems, HELL Gravure Systems is a multiple innovation leader in various printing and embossing processes. From May 28 to June 7, HELL will be presenting its latest developments for gravure, flexo and embossing printing at Drupa in Düsseldorf. HELL will be present on three theme islands at Heliograph Holding's joint stand 3 A91.

HD Gravure with HelioKlischograph
On a newly developed platform, HELL introduces the next level of High Definition Engraving (HD Engraving). It has never been so easy to achieve high-quality engraving results. Several expansion stages are available, from manual to fully automatic. The engraving results are safeguarded by the automatic Certified Engraving process control, which will also be demonstrated at a new level of integration.

Cellaxy Directlaser
With the Cellaxy engraving direct laser, HELL demonstrates the high-end in gravure form imaging. The success of Cellaxy is based on the high degree of freedom in cell design. Cells and walls can be adapted to the respective application in terms of depth and edge design. The topic of saving ink with Cellaxy engraved cylinders will arouse particular interest.
With Cellaxy embossing, HELL is setting a whole new industry standard. Thanks to high productivity and automation, the standards in embossing form production are shifting in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and design freedom.

Direct Flexo with PremiumSetter
Under the motto "Everything from a single source", HELL, together with Glunz & Jensen and Kaspar Graphic Solutions, is demonstrating a pioneering solution for the production of ready-to-print elastomer forms. Within just one hour, printing forms are provided in a two-stage process without the use of solvents and in a space-saving manner. The elastomer printing forms produced are characterized by high durability on the printing press.

Sustainable solutions from HELL
Electromechanical engraving with the HelioKlischograph conserves resources and offers a number of environmentally relevant advantages, particularly in comparison to etching technology. Acids and other harmful substances are no longer required, less energy is used and there is less waste.

Compared to etching technology, direct laser engraving with Cellaxy offers a number of environmentally relevant advantages such as the avoidance of acids and other harmful substances. Last but not least, lower ink consumption in printing leads to further energy savings.

Direct Flexo with the PremiumSetter offers a number of environmentally relevant advantages compared to established photopolymer technology: No solvents to wash out the printing form, printed forms are not hazardous waste, small footprint with e.g. only one laser and one washer, no repetition plate due to long service life of elastomer.

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