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FKS/Duplo DocuCutter extended by DC-F100 folding unit

Cutting, creasing, perforating and slitting in a single operation - the FKS/Duplo DocuCutter multifinishers have long been well-known and proven on the market.

Now the latest FKS/Duplo DocuCutter DC-648 and DC-618 models can be extended to include folding with the new integrated FKS/Duplo DC-F100 folding unit. Operated via the user-friendly DocuCutter PC controller, folding is integrated in-line into the workflow. All intelligent functions, such as job recognition by barcode, job storage and intelligent software solutions, can also be applied to the folding unit.

The folding module with two folding blades enables six different fold types - single fold, wrap fold, zigzag fold, open/closed altar fold and double parallel fold. Spring-loaded folding rollers adapt to different grammages from 110 to 400 g/m². This results in a wide range of possible applications, such as greeting cards, flyers, brochures and much more. Sheets up to 1,000 mm long can be folded, making the DC-F100 ideal for short runs in B1 offset or digital printing. The printed sheets are removed from the press and completed in a single system in a single pass. Set-up times, sources of error and waste are reduced to a minimum. Material and operator costs are also reduced.

Products that are not folded can be transported via a bypass past the folding unit directly into the upright delivery or into the lower delivery. Business cards can also be produced and stacked on the DocuCutter when the DC-F100 is connected. Folded products are always transported to the upper upright delivery, which has a capacity of 400 mm.

The additional DC-F100 folding unit therefore opens up further possibilities and even greater flexibility in multifinishing with the FKS/Duplo DocuCutters.

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