Duplo International Limited

Duplo launch NEW iSaddle SENSHI: Efficiency Redefined, Tradition Reinvented.

Duplo, a pioneer in automation for print finishing technology, proudly announces the launch of the iSaddle SENSHI. The name "SENSHI," derived from the Japanese word for "warrior" (戦士), symbolises strength and agility, qualities embodied by this latest addition to Duplo's innovative line-up.

Duplo wanted to honour its Japanese roots whilst beautifully illustrating what the latest Duplo saddle stitcher brings to the market: Strength and agility for a production environment.

The iSaddle SENSHI is a fusion of agility, accuracy, and automation (at the heart of every Duplo solution), built for the success of a modern high production environment. Designed to meet the demands of fast-paced operations, this machine offers unmatched performance, ensuring high-quality saddle stitched booklets with efficiency...

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