Duplo International Limited

Duplo Unveils DC-746 and JDF Integration for streamlined Workflow

Last week, Duplo, a leading innovator in print finishing technology, hosted a highly anticipated launch webinar to introduce its latest workflow connectivity product, the DC-746 and integration with Job Definition Format (JDF) software. This launch marks the evolution of print finishing technology, providing businesses with automation and efficiency to streamline operations.

The DC-746, also known as one of the most automated multi finishers in the market is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern print environments, providing a versatile and efficient solution for print professionals. It’s integration with JDF software, enables seamless communication between different devices and software applications within a print workflow.

By adopting JDF, print providers can achieve enhanced automation, increasing productivity, accuracy, and turnaround throughout the entire production process. JDF facilitates the integration of various devices and software applications, allowing for a more streamlined and interconnected...

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