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Design’N’Buy InDesign Plugin for Web-to-Print: Simplifying Dynamic Template Creation

Design’N’Buy is excited to introduce our new disruptive technology for the web-to-print industry. DNB Templater, an Adobe InDesign native plug-in designed to streamline and accelerate the creation of dynamic and editable design templates, fully integrated with our web-to-print solutions. This plug-in empowers graphic designers to effortlessly craft designs within Adobe InDesign and seamlessly export them as web-to-print templates.

These templates can be easily imported into our web-to-print storefronts – DesignO as well as All-in-one Web2Print. Print consumers can easily personalize any of these templates and order prints.

For DESIGN’N’BUY customers, Templater is anticipated to reduce the time required to create and publish editable design templates by nearly 75%.

Harness InDesign Expertise:
For printers with skilled graphic designers proficient in InDesign, DNB Templater enables them to create and test new designs using InDesign and export it to be used within their web-to-print storefront. The plug-in eliminates the learning curve and reduces the average time spent on graphics creation.

Efficiency Amplified:
General web-to-print solutions need a graphic designer to create a design template in the browser from scratch. This slows down their efficiency. With Templater, graphic designers can keep up their pace and release new editable designs much quicker than ever before.

Eliminate Rework:
Many printers already have their design templates saved as InDesign files. DNB Templater now eliminates the need to recreate these templates within the web-to-print platform using web-based template builder. Printers can now just use our plug-in and reuse all of their designs to be published on their storefront.

Our Customer First Approach
The development journey of Templater, our InDesign plug-in, began as a result of our “Customer First” approach. Many of our customers were experiencing significant time constraints when it came to creating and publishing designs using our web-based template builder. This often resulted in delays in setting up their print storefronts. In response to this growing concern, our technical team promptly addressed the issue and conceived this ground-breaking plug-in. Our InDesign development experts successfully developed, tested, and released this plug-in within six months of initiating the project.

The Templater plug-in has been beta-released to select customers, and their feedback so far has been positive. We will continually improve the plug-in’s features based on the regular feedback we receive from our customers.

At Design’N’Buy, we are committed to offering innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions to our customers to help them reduce their operational costs and increase their profitability.

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