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DesignO V1.7 Redefines Web-to-Print Personalization: Introducing Form-Based Editor and Revolutionary Template Creation

Design’N’Buy proudly presents DesignO V1.7, the latest version of its API-based online designer tool, promising a transformative experience for both print business owners and end users in the web-to-print realm. With a focus on innovation and user-friendly interfaces, DesignO V1.7 aims to redefine the landscape of personalized product creation and ordering.

Key Highlights of DesignO V1.7:

Form-based Quick Editor for Streamlined Ordering

A standout feature catering to B2B storefronts and products with limited editing capabilities, the Form-based Quick Editor ensures precise branding control. Users can personalize templates by adjusting text, images, colors, and fonts. The editor is device-agnostic, supporting desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. It facilitates multi-page template personalization, offers image editing tools, and provides a live preview of the customized design.

Exciting Template Module for Admin Productivity

The Template Grid page is revamped with a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionalities. Admins can easily view linked products, access detailed template information, and assign tags for efficient classification. The in-built Template Builder receives sophistication, allowing improved controls during template design, including defining data types and the ability to clone templates for reuse.

Effortless Personalization for Customers

The "Browse Templates" feature empowers customers to effortlessly personalize their chosen products by selecting from a diverse array of assigned templates.
Background Feature Made Even More Usable: DesignO V1.7 allows convenient configuration of background options for any product without size limitations. Users can upload vector SVG files as background images, expanding options beyond PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats.

Intuitive UI for Easy Product Addition

The Add & Edit Product page is overhauled for a seamless, single-page configuration and update process, ensuring products go live within minutes.
A Universe of Fonts at Your Fingertips: The Font Grid User Experience is updated for easy font management, providing access to all available font styles and streamlined font management.

Tailoring the Storefront Experience

The introduction of a "Customize Button Setting" feature allows print store owners to personalize button labels, colors, and text colors for a brand-aligned storefront.
Packaging Die-Line Creation: For packaging products, DesignO V1.7 enables the download of Die-Line PDF files directly from the front-end design studio, simplifying the order placement process.

Enhanced Admin Insights and Effortless Categorization

Admins gain a comprehensive view of job statuses with the introduction of two status columns - "Current Status" and "Next Status" in the jobs grid, ensuring more streamlined print job management.

Enhanced Navigation and Convenience

DesignO offers a reorganized "Libraries" menu for intuitive navigation, customizable display options, and sorting records based on various criteria.

Invite Users Feature

Super Admins can easily invite new users, streamlining the onboarding process with essential details like Name, E-mail, and Assign User Profile.

DesignO V1.7 represents a new era of web-to-print personalization, with Design’N’Buy aiming to empower businesses and individuals to create personalized products seamlessly. Dive into the world of DesignO V1.7 for a transformative web-to-print experience.

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