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Looking forward to these highlights.

At drupa from May 28 to June 7, everything at Robatech in Düsseldorf will center around folding and gluing. Visitors will learn how the PerfectFold liquid creaser takes the folding of corrugated cardboard boxes to a new level, which adhesive application systems are ideal for e-commerce shipping packaging and how paper carrier bags can be cleanly glued with cold glue. Creasing, folding, gluing. You’ll love it.

Would you like to fold your corrugated cardboard boxes as perfectly as an origami flower?

With the PerfectFold liquid creaser, Robatech has developed a system that – similar to an adhesive application system – applies a creaser liquid instead of an adhesive, making the folding of corrugated cardboard more efficient and precise. Interested parties can witness PerfectFold live at drupa and convince themselves in person of how easy it is to fold the cardboard creased with liquid.

Adhesive application for e-commerce

High-quality hot melt coatings provide the basis for reliable silicone release liners and practical tear strips on shipping packaging in e-commerce. The Vivo 18 coating head meets the requirements for both applications. Compared to adhesive tapes, silicone release liners with directly applied hot melt are more cost-effective. Tear strips can also be quickly applied to various substrates with Vivo 18.

Precise cold glue application

Have you heard of our electric coating head for cold glue application yet? Presto impresses with a precise application pattern, a long service life and low operating costs. Ideal for gluing window envelopes or paper carrier bags.

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