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DIE WELT and WELT am SONNTAG opt for the InterRed editorial system

Axel Springer SE has once again opted for the InterRed editorial system. Both the daily newspaper DIE WELT and the weekly newspaper WELT am SONNTAG are to be produced with the InterRed editorial system in the future. Automation of production processes with the InterRed SmartPaper solution is planned for the daily newspaper.

Editorial system for daily and weekly newspaper

The renowned newspaper DIE WELT has already won the European Newspaper Award several times and is one of the leading newspapers in Europe. The most important topics from politics, business, finance, knowledge, society, culture, travel, real estate, leisure and sport are covered comprehensively. It offers background information, provides orientation and is opinionated. In future, DIE WELT and WELT am SONNTAG will rely on the InterRed Print editorial system in the print sector. The daily newspaper DIE WELT will use the AI-based solution InterRed SmartPaper to automate production processes. The reasons for introducing the new solution include the consolidation of systems at Springer and the establishment of a digital-first workflow. The joint project between the Welt Group and InterRed promises groundbreaking progress in the field of print journalism.

Samir Fadlallah, CIO Axel Springer SE l CTO News Media Germany: "The implementation of the InterRed production system paves the way for a future-oriented and automated production environment to meet the growing demands for quality and digitization. At the same time, it creates the basis for seamless integration between our print and digital processes."

As a multi-channel publishing system, InterRed is suitable for both print (newspapers, magazines) and digital channels (websites, apps, social media, e-paper). In addition to producing the print publications BILD, BILD am SONNTAG, B.Z. and SPORT BILD, the publishing group has also relied on the InterRed web content management system for several online portals since 2007, including and

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