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Corporate News: manroland Goss expects more orders and higher profitability in 2021

  • In the financial year 2020, the Group generated sales of EUR 220 million and positive earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of EUR 3.2 million (1.4%).
  • A significant increase in incoming orders, especially for new web offset presses, and a further stabilization of profitability are forecasted for 2021.
  • With the acquisition of the THALLO packaging printing technology, the company adds to its range of ecologically beneficial and efficient packaging printing solutions next to VARIOMAN.
  • VARIOMAN and THALLO as well as all other innovations are currently being presented by manroland Goss at the virtual.drupa trade show.
For the manroland Goss Group, the 2020 financial year was also strongly influenced by the Covid 19 pandemic. While the order situation in the service business
remained largely stable, incoming orders for new printing systems fell below expectations. Overall, sales of EUR 220 million and positive earnings before interest
and taxes (EBIT) of EUR 3.2 million (1.4%) were achieved. Net debt improved by EUR 7.5 million compared to the previous year. manroland Goss thus continues to
demonstrate a solid financial and capital structure. This is also supported by the shareholders L. Possehl, Lübeck and American Industrial Partners, New York.

For 2021, manroland Goss expects a significant increase in incoming orders. In addition to the established market segments of commercial and newspaper printing,
the growth in new press orders will be driven in particular by web offset packaging printing solutions. With the fully automated and high-performance VARIOMAN and
the new THALLO, manroland Goss is positioning itself with two 'variable-sleeve' models for the growing packaging printing market segment. manroland Goss is
equally inventive in the renewal of innovative service offerings such as MAINTELLISENSE, the agile maintenance platform for optimizing daily business, or «PARTICIPATE», the collaborative approach for optimized spare and wear parts supply to printing companies, of course, also with 3D-printed parts. Despite continuing uncertainty about the course of the pandemic, the order situation is expected to increase significantly and profitability to stabilize.

"Rethinking the existing" is the philosophy of CEO Franz Kriechbaum. "Since the merger of manroland and Goss in 2018, this principle has become firmly anchored
in our company. We are constantly on the move and are seizing many new opportunities created through rethinking our processes. And all of this equipped with
benefits and added value for our customers." As market conditions remain challenging, this agility and solution orientation in corporate management and company development are key success factors.

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