Company Services

Export & Import

Wertex focuses on international commerce providing export and import within Europe, Asia, Latin and South America and Oceania. With a great experience and understanding of cross-border transportation policies, Wertex is a recognized supplier of chemicals, consumables and spare parts for printing and various industries.


If you are in need of help or advice, our experts will be glad to share their knowledge on international business practices with you. We consult our customers on how to choose, order and transport goods in accordance with regulations. In cooperation with our partners, we make global markets available for  manufacturers of raw materials, chemical components, equipment etc. We are always at your disposal to share this experience.

Logistics & Customs Clearance

Being a part of strong integrated businesses, Wertex organizes logistical coordination for each particular case. We form orders, build routes and provide the necessary documentation as required to avoid any customs delay or inconvenience.

Maintenance & Repair

Apart from selling a wide selection of machines and details, Wertex employs professional engineers who are able to properly serve the printing industry equipment. Visit our service page on for your personal solution.

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