Combijet 10NET

At this year's DRUPA, our exhibit proudly showcases the capabilities of our established Combijet 10NET system, designed for longitudinal gluing and fold-softening in web printing. Featured at our stand, this system embodies precision, reliability, speed, and effectiveness—key attributes for today's demanding print industry. Continuous improvement and adaptation ensure that it meets the evolving needs of the industry, enhancing production efficiency significantly.

 The Combijet 10NET system distinguishes itself with comprehensive features making it an indispensable tool in modern print production. Equipped with up to 40 applicator heads, it ensures outstanding processing quality through exact intermittent longitudinal gluing and continuous fold-softening across all speeds. The system's ability to handle gluing or fold-softening with a single applicator head brings unmatched flexibility and efficiency to the production process.

 Advanced medium supply for adhesive and fold-softening agents from 30 kg canisters, with an optional container connection, facilitates seamless production. Features like intuitive touch screen operation, an automatic flushing and cleaning system, and non-stop production through level monitoring and automatic tank switch-over, ensure a smooth and low-maintenance operation.

 The system's hallmark lies in its precision and reproducibility at maximum speeds, reducing setup times and enhancing automation. These attributes not only save time and costs but also boost productivity and the quality of print products.

 As a manufacturer of both machines and adhesives, we provide a seamlessly integrated solution with the Combijet 10NET and our specially formulated adhesives. These formulations are optimized for processing from the smallest nozzles at the highest speeds, guaranteeing trouble-free production.

Additionally, our technology provides the capability to wirelessly connect with your Planatol systems and experience the advanced user interface directly on your mobile device. This allows for easy control and access to your systems, regardless of your location, giving you complete control over the production processes. Embrace the future of machine management with Planatol and experience efficiency and comfort at a new level.

 We invite you to visit us at DRUPA to discover firsthand the benefits of the Combijet 10NET system. Learn how our innovations can elevate your print production's efficiency. For more information, please visit our exhibitor profile on the DRUPA website or reach out to us directly at our stand. We are eager to collaborate with you in shaping the future of printing.

Exhibitor Data Sheet