CSi packaging & Madern join forces!

CSi packaging and Madern Group join forces!

 We are proud to announce the merger of two leaders in the folding carton equipment industry. CSi packaging is joining forces with Madern Group to form a powerful new family of companies – Madern Automation and Madern Tooling, together ‘Madern Industries’. Mark van de Klundert will be CEO of the new operating group, Marc Keizerwaard will be the CFO of the combination and Marc van Putte will be the CCO. Jean Madern will be the advisory role as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the new group.

With Torqx Capital Partners as a strong financial partner, our innovation and ultimate designs will lead the folding carton industry into a new era.  Madern Industries is ready to build the future, with their full team of companies which includes Madern Automation, Madern Tooling,  Evers, AJB and Weidenmiller.


Madern Automation and Madern Tooling will maintain the same best-in-class mentality for all products and services you have previously enjoyed. 
By joining forces, we will be able to even accelerate the innovation that you expect from both CSi packaging and Madern. We aim to design your future production lines with higher speeds and higher efficiencies via innovative automation solutions. Customer relationship management remains our highest priority and focus.

The merger is effective as of February 14, 2023.

CSi packaging and Madern have both been committed to offering the highest quality, most advanced products in the folding carton / liquid packaging converting space.   Both companies service similar client bases, focusing on the best of the best in the industry. This merger will help give our customers confidence that any rotary cutting system will be fully and seamlessly integrated with the stacking process and downstream automation. The newly merged company will maintain the focus on systems where the previous companies thrived independently – gluer feeding, case packing, case palletizing, rotary tooling, etc.

CSi packaging and Madern have combined forces to capitalize on the strengths of both companies. You can now have the confidence that your web cutter and stacker will run seamlessly as one system, since it will all be designed, built and integrated by one company.  The combined company will now be able to offer a broader, deeper service team to keep our existing installs running well. Our combined purchasing power will enhance our ability to better source components. 

You will maintain your same points of contact. No significant staffing changes are anticipated.  The same products, services, and innovations that you have come to expect from both CSi packaging and Madern will be the same as offered by the newly merged company.  Now,  Madern Automation will be able to look at your processes and offer solutions that can take a broader, more holistic approach to your converting operations. 

The headquarters of the new company will remain in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands.

Madern Automation (the systems division of Madern and CSi packaging) will be operating out of Raamsdonksveer and Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Madern Tooling will be operating out of Vlaardingen, the Netherlands and Apex, NC, USA. The sales and service teams for both companies will be USA based in Apex, NC and based in the Netherlands for the rest of world.

In the near future we will get in contact for further explanation and practical details.

All of us at Madern Automation and Madern Tooling (formerly CSi packaging and Madern) are extremely grateful for your continued support and partnership through the years.  We are excited to continue to offer you the same exemplary suite of products at a new, even higher level of service. 

Madern Automation and Madern Tooling

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