CRON-Hangzhou Cron Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

CRON Another day, Another dream

  • 1992,CRON was founded as CRON electronic technology research institute.
  • 1993,CRON introduced China's first precise colorful name card offset press called "caiyinlong",turning China's name card printing into a color era.
  • 1996,CRON introduced China's first imagesetter.
  • 1998,CRON colorful name card offset press won the technological advancement award awarded by national news press.
  • 2001,CRON introduced ACF series full automatic high res online imagesetter called"caillong".
  • 2005,CRON was awarded as the technology enterprise in zhejiang province.
  • 2007,CRON introduced the first fully intellectual property owned high res, high speed, fully automatic thermal CTP in China.
  • 2008,CRON developed the UVCTP in China.
  • 2009,CRON became one of the drafters of national standards for thermal CTP in China.
  • 2010,CRON passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification.
  • 2011,CRON introduced the first  CTP with linear magnetic levitation scanning system and VLF CTP; CRON CTP passed RoHS Certification.
  • 2012,High speed high dpi double width uv  ctp"programme is catogorized as the national technological enterprise innovative funding programme"CRON was rated as AAA credit enterprise CRON won "national torch important high technology enterprise".
  • 2013,Mike Xiang won the honor of "The Bisheng best newcomer award in twelfth session";Established CRON Europe, which supplies a timely and convenient localization services.
  • 2014,Set up a joint venture  named CRON-ECRM with ECRM as the global R&D center of CRON;Established CRON Malaysia,which is aimed at CTP technical service and color management in Southeast Asia market.
  • 2015,Blackwood plate factory with more than 20 million sqm capacity,owned by CRON went into operation.
  • 2016,CRON was appointed as the trainning base for national ctp mainteinance workers. Won the special title as environmental friendly printing company during "the twelfth five-year plan”.
  • 2017,Won the honor of "Individual champion cultivation  enterprise" which was granted by the Ministry of industry and information technology.
  • 2018,The standardized installation of intelligent CRON EZC has been ascribed as one of the national intelligent printing projects.Selected as the vice presidential enterprise of National Intelligent Manufacturing Industry,CRON participated in drafting the National Standards of Intellinent Printing.
  • 2019,In the China Printing Industry Innovation Conference, CRON is a participant in the construction of the Yibentushu printing intelligent manufacturing test line. CRON is awarded as China Printing Industry High-skilled Personnel Education and Training Base.
    CRON is awarded as Pioneer of the Printing Industry for New China's 70th Anniversary.
    Mr. Xiang Jianlong is entitled as Pioneer of the Printing Industry for New China's 70th Anniversary.
  • 2022,CRON was awarded the "Specialized, Specialty and Innovative" SME certification in Zhejiang Province in 2022 for its CRON’s EZC intelligent digital inking system, and its Caililong HDI high-definition digital flexo imaging machine was awarded the "Chinese printing user most praises equipment" recognition.
  • 2023,The brand new digital printing solution solely developed and produced by CRON, is the single-fed high-speed 2-color digital printing machine HDP 440A. The first batch of pre-press professional skills books publication "Lithographic Plate Making" and "Flexo Plate Making" that CRON participated in were officially launched online.CRON was awarded the national-level professional, special and new "XIAO JU REN" enterprise Certification.

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