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All-In-Print Exhibition 2023 comes to a perfect conclusion| The CRON booth is full of overwhelm thriving excitements and popularity with its star products.

Sparking enthusiasm for exhibitions

The 9th China All-In-Print Exhibition came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center on the afternoon of November 4th. A four-day grand event for the global printing and packaging industry, It aroused the enthusiasm of many people in the printing industry to visit the exhibition. The grand occasion has reappeared, demonstrating the prosperity and vitality of the industry. CRON Machinery & Electronic Co., Ltd has made a strong appearance at this exhibition with a strong product matrix, showing its style!






Wonderful demonstration that ignited the audience

The most anticipated aspect of the exhibition is the four grand live demonstrations carefully prepared by CRON daily. High-end plate making solution "LongYu" dual optical drum high-speed CTP-DD870 extremely fast plate making speed, perfectly cooperates with CRON's world's first EZC intelligent digital inking system. Show case a wonderful demonstration of "perfect realization of high-fidelity and exquisite printing with 6 colors and 7 colors” in a wide color gamut".




EZC-UV ink's 6-color wide color gamut printing made its debut at All-In- Print Exhibition. There are four demonstrations daily, and the scene is very lively and crowded. Audiences had experienced the charm of perfect printing by EZC "Digital Offset Printing" from a distance. Friends who are unable to visit the CRON booth in person are welcome to scan the QR code below to enter the live broadcast room to watch the live demonstration.




EZC is suitable for various offset printing fields:

Used in high-end business printing, it can easily achieve wide color gamut, high fidelity and exquisite printing; In fast printing, color standards can be achieved quickly, saving paper, ink, time and effort; For packaging printing, the color difference ΔE between long-run printing and reprint printing is less than 2.0; In the printing of books and periodicals, the problem of difficulty in controlling small ink volumes is improved, and the color is more stable; For label printing, the plate on press changing efficiency is improved and the cost is significantly saved.







Strong exhibits line-up

This All-In-Print Exhibition, CRON has four major exhibition areas: high-precision offset printing plate making area, high-definition flexo digital plate making area, digital intelligent inking system  area and digital inkjet printing area.


The star products of the CRON family are all on display. A strong line-up of exhibits spanning the fields of prepress and digital printing, with its excellent performance and technological innovation, It has won high praise and recognition from many customers at home and abroad. The order signing at the exhibition was very excitable, and the intended orders were well received, which once again fully demonstrated the independent research and development strength and product innovation capabilities of CRON Machinery & Electronic Co.,Ltd!

Wonderful moments reappear

The CRON booth is always crowded with visitors, and there is an endless stream of visitors.

The star products demonstration attracted much attention. The enthusiastic and professional domestic and international sales team received many customers from home and abroad. There were many good news on site and the signing of orders was hot.

Let us review the memorable moments of the exhibition and recreate the grand occasion.
Successfully accomplished, looking forward to our next gathering

4 days of communication, sharing, negotiation, smiling...
Those wonderful moments are all vivid in my mind.
We cherish every good time we get together,
I am also looking forward to our next encounter.
As a company always led by innovation
Prepress platemaking and smart printing
solution provider,
CRON will always keep up,
continue to innovate and forge ahead,
works together with colleagues in the industry to
create more eye-catching results!
Let us look forward to it together,
2024 China International All Printing Exhibition
See you again!

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