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Advice from an Experienced Drupa Veteran

Growing up in the print industry is a heritage that Thomas Beck Andersen proudly carries. Colleagues, clients, and partners who have encountered Thomas over time agree that printing ink must flow through his veins. Thomas is the person at PrintVis who has attended Drupa the most times. Here is an insight into Thomas’ print heritage and his experience with Drupa over the years. 

Generations of Printing Heritage
How has the print industry manifested itself in your upbringing and education?

“My connection to the graphic world spans through generations. My grandfather managed a printing company in Vejen, my great-grandfather was also a print shop manager in Haderslev, that was a part of Germany at that time, and my father managed several printing companies in Jutland. Even my uncle owned his own printing company in Kolding. Our entire family is deeply rooted in the graphic tradition.

I was a typographic printer for several years, and I am a proud alum of the Graphic Arts Institute in Copenhagen, where I completed the “Graphic Technician” education. It was an education that equipped me to understand and shape the dynamic graphic world.”

Drupa since 1962
Thomas’ first encounter with Drupa was in 1962 when he, as a young child, together with his parents, attended the trade show in a small exhibition hall in Düsseldorf, long before the new exhibition area was established.

“Since then, I have attended every Drupa event, a total of about 12-13 times. It has become a tradition, a source of constant learning, and the discovery of innovation in the graphic industry.”

How has Drupa changed over time from your perspective?
“Drupa has changed over the years. Originally, the fair was dominated by European suppliers such as Heidelberg and Roland, but now we see a broader representation from Asia, Africa, and South America. The fair has become larger, more complex, but at the same time, it is a fantastic opportunity to see everything within the graphic world.”

Advice for Drupa Beginners
Thomas’ best advice for those attending Drupa for the first time is to make a plan:

“Plan what you want to see in advance and take the time to explore the fair. Planning is the key, but having a day to just stroll through the exhibition halls will always reveal unexpected discoveries and news within your field,” says Thomas.

The Benefits of Attending Drupa
According to Thomas, participating in Drupa provides a valuable overview of current and future trends in the graphic industry. It is an opportunity for graphic companies to invest wisely and provide their employees with a unique insight into the future. But attending Drupa is not only a professional investment; it is also a social event.

“You always meet familiar faces, and even though Drupa is big, the graphic world is a small industry. So, remember to wear comfortable shoes – it’s important! Over the years, Drupa has been my guide in the constantly evolving graphic world, and I look forward to another exciting experience at Drupa 2024. See you there!” says Thomas.

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